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Arsenal Research Tree & Improved Ammo


Arsenal Research The Arsenal is a critical part of base to base combat. By supplying troops with more advanced ammunition, they are capable of performing in battle more effectively. The aim of Arsenal Research is to refine these munitions into a more destructive part of any operation. Combat & Extra Boosts – The boosts listed here apply to combat in general. Combat ...

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New Insignias & 4th Insignia Slot


4th Insignia Slot With the release of the Monument Level 3, a new Insignia Slot is now available for unlock. An Unlock Extra Insignia Slot item is needed for the upgrade, as well as a Level 25 HQ. Once the upgrade is complete, the 4th Insignia Slot is yours. New Insignias have also been released in tandem with the extra ...

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2017 Grand Protector Gear Sets


2017 Grand Protector Gear Bringing combat safety to a whole new level, the 2017 Grand Protector Sets have one task: fortify friendly units. In addition to Health and Defense, 2017 Grand Protector Gear Sets utilize the new Combat Shielding boost. This bonus nullifies the effect of attacks against you by reducing the opponent’s attack power. An important thing to note ...

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The Battle Marks Research Tree


Battle Marks Battle Marks are an invaluable asset in combat. They provide real-time information on the selected enemy, available to your alliance in the Battle Marks Tab. By default only the target’s location at the time of marking is shown, which can be found via coordinates. When marked, a target will visibly glow red but only to your alliance members. ...

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VIP 150 – Commander Skills Preset


VIP 150 VIP 141-150 (Tier 14) provides a competitive edge to the bearer, adding in several millions of combat stats, as well as the new Commander Skills Preset and Use 1,000x Speedups. It is important to note that all non-combat benefits are available at level 146. However, level 150 is necessary to attain the maximum combat bonuses. All perks of ...

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