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2017 Grand Protector Gear Sets

2017 Grand Protector Gear


Bringing combat safety to a whole new level, the 2017 Grand Protector Sets have one task: fortify friendly units. In addition to Health and Defense, 2017 Grand Protector Gear Sets utilize the new Combat Shielding boost. This bonus nullifies the effect of attacks against you by reducing the opponent’s attack power. An important thing to note is that there are variations of Combat Shielding, such as Base Combat Shielding and Rally/CP Combat Shielding. These only apply to the specified type of combat. There are 3 editions of Grand Protector gear: Grand Protector, Ultimate Grand Protector, and the new Supreme Protector. To obtain the most benefit out of the gear as listed below, Max Set Gear Leveling and Set (7) Bonus are necessary.

Each of the 2017 Grand Protector Gear sets is comprised of: Protector Helmet, Protector Battle Armor, Protector Crushers, Protector Baton, and Protector Riot Shields.

Grand Protector

img_0025Despite being the least powerful and most common, the Grand Protector set provides a large amount of defensive capability. This set is stronger than the older Ultimate Grand Guardian set.

Max. Boost – 50,000,000% Base Combat Shielding, 20,000,000% Rally/CP Combat Shielding, 20,000,000% Rally/Cp Health, 20,000,000% Rally/CP Trap Health, 30,000% Troop Health, 30,000% Troop Defense, 30,000% Army Defense, 30,000% Type Defense.


Ultimate Grand Protector

img_0015The Ultimate Grand Protector set grants a fair amount of combat bonus at a moderate price. This set is useful to fill the place of Supreme Protector gear that has yet to be acquired.

Max. Boost – 100,000,000% Base Combat Shielding, 40,000,000% Rally/CP Combat Shielding, 40,000,000% Rally/Cp Health, 15,000,000% Rally/CP Trap Health, 35,000% Troop Health, 35,000% Troop Defense, 35,000% Army Defense, 35,000% Type Defense.


Supreme Protector

img_0014With gear of extravagant value, the Supreme Protector set costs more than a pretty penny. This is the most powerful and rarest set, imparting an unprecedented 150 million Base Combat Shielding.

Max. Boost – 150,000,000% Base Combat Shielding, 75,000,000% Rally/CP Combat Shielding, 75,000,000% Rally/Cp Health, 30,000,000% Rally/CP Trap Health, 40,000% Troop Health, 40,000% Troop Defense, 40,000% Army Defense, 40,000% Type Defense.


Pick Your Own and Mystery Crates


Deciding upon what to take from a PYO crate is hard enough as it is. This choice just became even more difficult, as Protector PYOs offer Gear and Mystery Crates. The current PYO offers: a full set of Grand Protector Gear, 3 Ultimate Protector pieces, one Supreme Protector piece, or 100 Protector Mystery Crates. While 2017 Protector Crates provide a chance to receive Supreme and Ultimate Protector Equipment in addition to Materials and Collectibles, there is no guarantee of any great reward from them. Pick wisely, or just buy as many sales as it takes to get what you need.

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