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2017 special- One Year Insignia’s

One Year Insignia


Another ‘Pick Your Own’ crate has been released containing new insignia’s which are powerful enough to vanquish all of your enemies!
The crate contains what the developers have called ‘One Year Insignia’s’.
All of the insignia’s only have a one hour cool down.

Why are they called One Year Insignia’s?

I don’t really consider the developers choice of words when naming new items as usually they are simply interesting to read.
However, this time it could suggest that these insignia’s will be the strongest available, for well, a year. I suspect readers will be sceptical of this idea, considering more powerful items are being pumped out constantly.
For instance just when we thought tier 5 troops were the troops for 2017, tier 6 troops have now been released.
It’s certainly good to see that insignia’s are increasing in power as other PvP elements are- commander, gear, research etc.
Most recently this was seen with the Ultimate Grand Conqueror sets which provide 15,000,000% Rally and Control Point Troop Health, 10,000,000% Troop Attack, 25,000% Army Armor Piercing.
It shows that to be a serious player you need to consider all available boosts, including insignia boosts.

What Insignia’s are available to chose from?

If you are fortunate enough to get your hands on this crate, there are 6 insignia’s to choose one from.
The first three Insignia’s are which offensive players will like, and the last three which defensive players will.
1. Devastation Insignia: +2 million% troop attack
2. Ambush Insignia: +1 million% troop attack and +2000% armor piercing
3. Ruin Insignia: +1 million% troop attack and +2000% type armor piercing
4. Protector Insignia: +10000% troop defense
5. Barrier Insignia: +10000% type defense
6. Barricade Insignia: +10000% army defense

Which is the promo pack for this?


As you can see, in a £79.99/$99.99 pack you will currently be given one crate. Therefore to update your three insignia’s you will need to purchase three packs. It could be worth waiting and seeing if a new pack comes out with multiple Pick Your Own Insignia crates.

A quick note on power creep

I don’t usually do this, but I think it is interesting to look back to my previous guide on insignia’s which was published on the 18th of February 2017. This was just 44 days ago (if I calculated correctly).
You can see back then the best insignia’s for attack were: Commander Troop Attack II and Obliteration. They both offered +500% attack to troops.
For defense, the best insignia’s were: Commander Troop Health II and Commander Troop Defense. They offered +500% health and +250% troop defense respectively.
Consider these insignia’s to the One Year Insignia’s. For attack it’s comparing 500% to 2,000,000%. For defence it’s comparing 500% to 10,000%.
That is incredible power creep… and it seems it’s at the disadvantage of defensive players.

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