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New Insignias & 4th Insignia Slot

4th Insignia Slot

4th Insignia Slot

With the release of the Monument Level 3, a new Insignia Slot is now available for unlock. An Unlock Extra Insignia Slot item is needed for the upgrade, as well as a Level 25 HQ. Once the upgrade is complete, the 4th Insignia Slot is yours. New Insignias have also been released in tandem with the extra slot.

Aegis Insignia

img_0032The Aegis Insignia was the first to utilize the new Combat Shielding boost. Combat Shielding provides protection to friendly units by negating the enemy’s attack power when they attack your base.

Benefits – 6,000% Type Defense, 6,000% Troop Defense, 10,000,000% Base Combat Shielding, 1 Year Duration


2017 Exalted Attack Insignia

The 2017 Exalted Attack Insignia highlights with destruction at its core purpose. In other words, you can never have too much attack power.

Benefits – 100,000,000% Troop Attack, 10,000% Army Armor Piercing, 1 Year Duration



2017 Exalted Defense Insignia

img_0033-copyAlthough the 2017 Exalted Defense Insignia outmatches the Aegis, using both in conjunction supplies a massive amount of Combat Shielding and Defense.

Benefits – 20,000,000% Base/Rally/CP Combat Shielding, 10,000% Troop Defense, 1 Year Duration

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