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Mobile Strike Guide

Mobile Strike Guide was set up by Slaggy as a sister site to www.insidegameofwar.com.

As the two games share a lot in common it seemed to make sense to make the resources, guides and tools available to both sets of players. The site is still young and we are still working on gradually moving all the old content over. Hopefully everything will be ready for you before too long!

For general enquiries please email contact@mobilestrikeguide.com

Contributing to this site: We are always looking for contributors. Please see here for more info.

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  • MVP

    Is there a battle winning formulae? Ie, is the difference of burning or smoking based on troops lost or power lost?

    • Hi, If the defender loses fewer troops and traps than the attacker then you see smoke. Otherwise you see burning.

  • J OR

    Is it possible to create a healing calculator? so we know how much and what rss needed to heal x number of x troops?