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Guide to Advanced Traps

advanced traps

Advanced Traps vs. Regular Traps in Mobile Strike

This is a brief guide about the new Advanced Traps in Mobile Strike. We will have a full guide to all Advanced Troops when they are released. I would recommend you start by reading our Guide to Traps if you haven’t already, as most of the information there applies to Advanced Traps as well.

What are Advanced Traps?

Advanced Traps are a new trap type that can be built in the Walls building similar to Regular Traps. They are fundamentally the same as Regular Traps but have slightly different boosts depending on the troop type attacking them.

What are the Advantages of Advanced Traps?

Advanced traps gain a damage boost against their strong troop type. Here is an example comparing the difference in boosts of the new EMP Barrier trap versus the regular Trank Trap :

Advanced Traps vs. Regular Traps

Boost vs. Tactical Boost vs. Armored Vehicles Boost vs. Infantry
EMP Barrier (Advanced) -50% +200% -50%
Tank Trap (Regular) 0% +100% -50%

As you can see, advanced traps do a lot of extra damage against their strong troop type but suffer a damage reduction that regular traps don’t have.

All things being equal, the total damage output is increased so using advanced traps will increase your total damage output.

They also cost the same to build as regular traps so that you get more damage for your buck.

What are the Disadvantages of Advanced Traps?

The disadvantages of Advanced Traps are basically the cost. Whilst there are scenarios where Regular Traps are better (e.g. if you have all Tank Traps and get attacked by an all Infantry army), in general, the Advanced Traps will  be superior.  So the only reason not to build them is the cost of the research. Building Advanced Traps requires researching a whole additional research tree. The Advanced Trap research tree takes longer and requires more resources than the Regular Trap research tree.

Also, your Advanced Traps won’t benefit from the Trap Attack and Trap Defense research from the Regular Trap tree. This means that until you have completed this research, your Advanced Traps will be receiving smaller boosts to their attack and defense.

Are Advanced Traps Worth It?

It depends on your budget. If you are not a big spender and you are having to prioritize your research and resources then NO. They do not offer enough of an advantage to justify the cost. As discussed in our guide to traps, Traps in general have quite a narrow use in the game. If however, money is not much of an object for you then yes, they do offer an overall damage boost

Additional Questions

Do Regular Trap Boosts also apply to Advanced Traps?

Currently, all Regular Trap boosts also apply to Advanced Traps except those in the research tree itself. This means that trap boosts from other research (e.g. in the Commander tree) as well as from gear and prototypes will apply to advanced traps as well.

Barriers vs. Sand Bags

How are the two Tier 0 traps different? The answer is that they aren’t. Their combat stats are identical so the only difference is that sandbags use Regular Trap Boosts and Barriers use Advanced Trap Boosts.

How Do I Build Advanced Traps?

In the exact same way that you build regular traps – just go to the Wall building inside your base and start building some.

Can I Build Both Regular Traps and Advanced Traps?

Yes, assuming you have done the appropriate research. But your total trap limit still applies so you will need to choose between the two.

What Different Advanced Traps are There?

Here are all of the advanced traps:

Tier 0



Tier 1

IED Explosive,  Laser Fence, EMP Barrier


Tier 2

Spider Mine, Mounted Gun, Missle Turret


Tier 3

Laser Cannon, IR Gun Turret, IR Missile Turret,


Tier 4

Sattelite System, Defense Drone, AA Cannon





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  • KingoLingus

    Many years ago in GOW I decided not to ever make a single wall trap with exception of the requisite number to satisfy a mission. I find traps to be a complete waste of RSS and I apply all the wasted RSS to better things but thats just me. Besides in MS there is no restorative tree at this time so why bother? The only benefit from the resto tree is the training boosts, march speed and altar duration any way. Just do the research for the power (which gains you nothing either aside from impressing the common idiot) if you like but there really is no benefit for any account especially attackers that I can see.

    • Hi, I would generally agree except that it is often worth building barriers/sand bags. They cost very little and do a lot defensively.

  • Bojangles

    Slaggy, do you have a table of troop boosts similar to the table of trap boosts in this article? A tank for example has 36 power. It’s strong vs tactical and artillery. How much stronger is it? Is it a %?

    Trying top figure out end game if its best to go all 1 type of troop or a mix.

    • Hi, boosts for troops are the same as for traps in this example. One troop type is always better for attacking (as you can stack boosts for that troop type). For defending you need a balanced army otherwise the attacker can exploit the imbalance.

  • Chris

    Where do you get the advanced files for the advanced traps? Is this a gold only thing?

  • Kawareader

    thanks for the news, but there is litlles mistakes in the tiers.
    laser fence, emp barrier are tiers 1
    mounted guns and missle turret tiers 2
    ir gun turret and ir missile turret tiers 3
    aa cannon tiers 4

    • Thanks, I lazily took the info from the Blog rather in-game. Will update.