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Guide to the Alliance Store in Mobile Strike

The Mobile Strike Alliance Store offers a selection of items that can be purchased with loyalty. It is a great way to acquire many of the items without spending precious gold (or real money). Nearly everything in the main store can also be purchased with Gold and the table shows which of the items are good value and which are poor value.  A low ‘Loyalty per Gold’  number indicates you should buy it with Loyalty and a higher number means it should be bought with Gold (or not at all).  Currently, the best value item in the Alliance Store are Gathers and Daily Chances and the worst value are 1 Minute Speed Ups. Resource Boosts can’t be purchased with good, so buying them with loyalty is your only option.

 Items in the Alliance Store:

ItemLoyaltyGoldLoyalty per Gold
Gather (7 days)300,000500060
Daily Chance50,00080063
Fake Forces15,00020075
12 Hour Attack Boost20,00025080
12 Hour Defense Boost20,00025080
Rename Alliance16,00020080
25% Deployment Increase Size200,000240083
Gather Boost (24 hours)50,00060083
Commander Resurrection500,000600083
25 Deployment Banners5,00050100
Alliance Chance100,0001000100
Common Mod Crate60,000600100
Standard Material Crate60,000600100
Standard Core Crate60,000500120
Change Personnel File Image10,00080125
Base Rename5,00040125
Commander Select5,00040125
Deployment Recall5,00040125
Player Rename5,00040125
Common Piece Chest60,000400150
Commander Skill Reset150,0001000150
Rebel Target Skill Reset150,0001000150
Simple Mod Saver60,000400150
Building Move100,000500200
Random Teleport100,000500200
100 VIP Points37,500150250
15 Minute Rebel Target Attack Boost300,0001200250
30 Minute Rebel Target Attack Boost500,0002000250
50,000 Commander XP100,000400250
7,000 Training Ammo50,000200250
30,000 Training Ammo200,000750267
Advanced Teleport400,0001500267
15 Minute Speed Up20,00070286
60 Minute Speed Up50,000130385
8 Hour Peace Shield200,000500400
3 Hour Speed Up150,000300500
1 Minute Speed Up5,00051000
7 Day Food Boost42,000
7 Day Iron boost42,000
7 Day Coin Boost80,000
7 Day Stone boost42,000
7 Day Oil boost42,000