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Arsenal Research Tree & Improved Ammo

Arsenal Research


The Arsenal is a critical part of base to base combat. By supplying troops with more advanced ammunition, they are capable of performing in battle more effectively. The aim of Arsenal Research is to refine these munitions into a more destructive part of any operation.

Combat & Extra Boosts – The boosts listed here apply to combat in general.

  • Combat Shielding – 200,000,000% Base Combat Shielding, 100,000,000% CP Combat Shielding, 100,000,000% Rally vs CP Combat Shielding.
  • Armor Piercing – 40,000% Army AP, 40,000% Infantry AP, 40,000% Tactical AP, 40,000% Armored Vehicle AP.
  • Attack –  100,000,000% Rally/CP Attack, 100,000,000% Troop Attack, 100,000,000% Army Attack.
  • Attack with Commander – 75,000,000% Infantry Attack, 75,000,000% Tactical Attack, 75,000,000% Armored Vehicle Attack.
  • Defense – 20,000% Troop Defense.
  • Defense with Commander –  20,000% Army Defense, 20,000% Infantry Defense, 20,000% Tactical Defense, 20,000% Armored Vehicle Defense.
  • Health – 300,000,000% Rally/CP Troop Health.
  • Mobile Traps – 100,000,000% Mobile Trap Attack, 50,000,000% Rally/CP Mobile Trap Health.
  • Extra – +100B Troop Training Capacity

Improved Ammunitions


The new Arsenal research tree includes nodes that refine Bullets and other types of research to improve Arsenal effectiveness as a whole. On top of that, it allows for the unlock of 2 new bullet types and the ability to use Ammo in CP rallies/defense.

Unlock New Ammunition Types – With an Unlock 2 Arsenal Ammunition Types item and the necessary research, the Flat Point and Silver Tip become available.

Unlock Arsenal Bonus on Control Point – This research node requires an Unlock Arsenal Bullet Bonuses on Control Points item. When it is complete, Arsenal bullets may be used in Control Point combat, however, only with Tier 6 units.

Refined Bullets – Through research, bullets can be “refined” to add extra bonus to their base boost.

  • Hollow Point – +50,000,000% Troop Attack
  • Depleted Uranium – +75,000,000% Infantry Attack
  • Full Metal Jacket – +75,000,000% Tactical Attack
  • High Explosive – +75,000,000% Armored Vehicle Attack
  • Armor Piercing – +40,000% Troop AP
  • Incendiary – +10,000% Troop Accuracy
  • Flat Point – +100,000,000% Troop CP/Rally Health
  • Silver Tip – +100,000,000% Trap CP/Rally Health

All Arsenal Ammunition Types – The bonus provided by this type of research is applied to each active bullet. For example: the completed research provides 33.3m Troop Attack per active bullet, if there are 3 active bullets then each bullet will gain 33.3m Troop Attack for combined a total of 100m Troop Attack.

  • Attack – 33,333,333% Troop Attack for all Arsenal Ammunition Types
  • Health – 33,333,333% Troop Health for all Arsenal Ammunition Types

Research costs and information on individual levels are found in the Research Guide

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