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Assault Vehicle Hangar and Units


Assault Vehicle Hangar

The Assault Vehicle Hangar is the building that houses Assault Vehicles. In order to use the Hangar, it must be unlocked with an Assault Vehicle Hangar Blueprint. Upgrading the structure requires Hangar Upgrade Checklists, and it can reach up to level 40. Increasing the level allows access to more units, as well as greater building boosts.

Level 40 Assault Vehicle Hangar Boosts (Since these are building boosts, they are added to combat regardless of whether or not there is an Assault Vehicle):

  • 200KT Overpowered Attack, 100B Indestructible Defense
  • 5MT Rally/CP Troop Health, 1.5MT Rally/CP Trap Health


Assault Vehicles

Assault Vehicles accompany the Commander and troops into battle against Bases, Outposts, and Control Points. This includes Rallies, where the Rally Leader will supply the Assault Vehicle. Once unlocked, Assault Vehicles are free to use an unlimited number of times. A Commander must be in the deployment for a Vehicle to launch, and only one Vehicle can be active at a time. The Vehicle boost only applies when it is a part of deployment.


Army Hunter (Unlocks at Level 1)

  • 1MT% Army Attack
  • Unlock Army Hunter Assault Vehicle

Because it is the default Assault Vehicle, Sales that offer the Hangar blueprint will also provide an Unlock Army Hunter Item. This is used to instantly unlock the vehicle, which is useable with a Level 1+ Hangar.


Corrosive STR-1KR (Useable at Level 21)

  • 200B% Corrosive Attack
  • Corrosive STR-1KR Vehicle Mystery Crate

The Corrosive STR-1KR is a bit more difficult to acquire, as it must be found in a Corrosive STR1-KR Mystery Crate.


Nuclear Stealth Bomber (Useable at Level 40)

  • 10KT% Nuclear Attack
  • Nuclear Stealth Bomber Vehicle Mystery Crate

Much like the STR-1KR, a Stealth Bomber Mystery Crate has a random chance to unlock the Nuclear Stealth Bomber. This Vehicle introduces a new boost – Nuclear Attack. While it is unknown just how powerful this boost is, it seems that Nuclear Attack is a more potent form of Attack, greater than Overpowered Attack.

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