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Mobile Strike News – Commander Level 70


Commander Level 70 The maximum commander level has been raised yet again, now reaching all the way to Commander Level 70. In order to reach such a prestigious rank, one will need the new Valor Commendations. These, per usual, are found solely in gold sales. Commander Level 70 brings with it a wealth of benefits, listed below: New Support Skills: ...

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Mobile Strike Guide – Battle Tested Teleports


Battle Tested Teleports With the new Battle Tested Teleports, teleporting to other states is now a permanent option! Before now, the only way to visit another state is during an SVS KE. However, this only lasts for one hour per Mandate. Now, using a Battle Tested Teleport, you can remain in any Battle Tested State permanently, or for as long as ...

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Mobile Strike Guide – Tier 5 Future Troops


Future Troops – Tier 5 Soldiers Tier 5 soldiers, codenamed “Future Troops,” are the new highest tier of troops ready for battle. This elite detachment is comprised of Strikers, Hunters, Wraiths, and Rocket Barrage. Additionally, these Tier 5 troops are accompanied by a fresh set of traps. Energy Fields, Plasma Mines, and Control Towers will now assist in fortifying your ...

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Guide to the Combat Lab


The Combat Lab The Combat Lab has finished development, and is primed and ready to kick your equipment into high gear. Employing this facility is rather straightforward; however, a Lab Blueprint is required to construct the building. Blueprints of all kinds are found in packs, so keep your eyes peeled. Once a blueprint is acquired, unlock the Combat Lab by selecting ...

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Mod Sets – A Beginners’ Guide

Mods Guide

Mod Sets and Bonuses – A Short Guide Mods. Any player knows what they are- small, powerful items that are installed onto equipment to heavily advance it. These tiny modifications provide a major boost on their own, but are limited to 4 slots per gear piece. Once the tool is full, the gear has seemingly reached its full potential and ...

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Mobile Strike Record – Biggest Solo Nerf Hit


The Largest Solo Nerf We’ve all known about the troop nerf for a while now, but how much of a factor is it in a battle? AlmightyPain teamed up with PerfektioN to test this out with a Solo Nerf hit, and the results were quite astonishing. AlmightyPain destroyed over 2 billion tier 1 soldiers in a few attacks: the Biggest ...

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Mobile Strike Round Up – December 21st 2016

Mode Sets Mobile Strike

Mobile Strike Updates – 21st Dec Though 2016 may be coming to an end, the in-game updates are far from over. Here are this month’s highlights. VIP Prestige 110 – VIP Tier 10 VIP levels continue to swell, now reaching up to level 110. However, this VIP Tier does offer some substantial benefits to your war effort: New “Smart Rally ...

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Guide to the Troop Academy


The Troop Academy   The Troop Academy is live, and it should be an interesting addition to the game. The Troop Academy is similar to the Training Grounds; however, instead of creating entirely new units, it retrains current troops to fit different roles to better fit your build as needed. So note the units being promoted will be ‘gone’ once ...

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Guide to the Speedup Factory


The Speedup Factory The Speedup Factory will allow you to consolidate your smaller speed ups into larger speedups. It’s quite simple: you piece together the required amount of speedups to “invest” to put towards a larger speedup. After a short while, the factory will produce a much larger and more valuable speedup! At level 10, the factory requires anywhere from ...

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Guide to Playing Without Spending


Did Somebody Say Free? Mobile Strike is growing exponentially, and so are the costs of playing despite it being a “free” game. Even the most casual of players can recognize that spending is very strongly encouraged, even if they are new to the genre. That said, there are many ways to get around the “pay to play” aspect. So is it ...

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