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Contributor for mobilestrikeguide.com, avid gamer, and computer nerd... Also an aspiring writer/developer. Or both. Or an astronaut. Or a chancellor turned emperor that rules the galaxy with an iron fist and an army of soldiers with poor accuracy. I can never decide.

New Commander Levels 71-75


Commander Level 75 Commanders can now advance past level 70, all the way up to Commander Level 75. These new commander levels unlock an insane amount of boosts, as well as a number of new commander supports. The benefits of Commander Level 75 are listed below. As a way to make things easier, each is sorted by unlock level, and ...

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VIP 130 – Building Boosts and Extra Stats


VIP 130 – VIP Tier 12 VIP 120-130 offer two new building utilities, as well as a bountiful number of stats for rallies and other types of combat. While the new VIP does offer many other benefits, only the most notable improvements are listed. One Click Building Boost – Level 123 of VIP unlocks the Instant XP Level button, which does ...

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Mobile Ops – Tank Commander 101


Mobile Strike Ops Mobile Operations, or Mobile Ops, are special missions to attack and cripple rebel forces. These missions are necessary, as salvage from the wreckage of fallen foes can be recovered to aid your cause. A Tank Commander must tread carefully; as the strength of the enemies increases as you advance. Overview First of all, Mobile Ops revolves around the Tank ...

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Mobile Strike News – 2017 Champion Gear Sets


Champion Gear Sets The newly developed Champion Gear Sets are now available for assembly. These ultra sets of gear promise never before seen boosts, with the greatest reaching over 100,000% Troop Attack. While this does seem remarkable, the boosts can only entirely be attained when Fully Enhanced Set (7) Bonus is in effect. Without this, the perks provided by the ...

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Mobile Strike Guide – Tier 5 Advanced Future Troops


Tier 5 Advanced Future Troops As if Normal Future Troops weren’t good (or expensive) enough, Advanced Future Troops are now ready for deployment. These highly trained combat units are prepared to fight alongside their other T5 troop counterparts. All three types of Tier 5 units are similar, however, each have the unique capabilities of their type. Because of the update, ...

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Mobile Strike Guide – Tier 5 Mercenary Future Troops


Mercenary Future Troops Mercenary Troops are the cutting edge of combat units, decked out with the most advanced gear and training. Practically speaking, they hit hard. Most noteworthy of the new additions are the Raiders, Trackers, and Vipers. Unlike the other two kinds of units, there are no Mercenary traps of any type. As with the Combat and Advanced Combat ...

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Mobile Strike News – Commander Level 70


Commander Level 70 The maximum commander level has been raised yet again, now reaching all the way to Commander Level 70. In order to reach such a prestigious rank, one will need the new Valor Commendations. These, per usual, are found solely in gold sales. Commander Level 70 brings with it a wealth of benefits, listed below: New Support Skills: ...

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Mobile Strike Guide – Battle Tested Teleports


Battle Tested Teleports With the new Battle Tested Teleports, teleporting to other states is now a permanent option! Before now, the only way to visit another state is during an SVS KE. However, this only lasts for one hour per Mandate. Now, using a Battle Tested Teleport, you can remain in any Battle Tested State permanently, or for as long as ...

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Mobile Strike Guide – Tier 5 Future Troops


Future Troops – Tier 5 Soldiers Tier 5 soldiers, codenamed “Future Troops,” are the new highest tier of troops ready for battle. This elite detachment is comprised of Strikers, Hunters, Wraiths, and Rocket Barrage. Additionally, these Tier 5 troops are accompanied by a fresh set of traps. Energy Fields, Plasma Mines, and Control Towers will now assist in fortifying your ...

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Guide to the Combat Lab


The Combat Lab The Combat Lab has finished development, and is primed and ready to kick your equipment into high gear. Employing this facility is rather straightforward; however, a Lab Blueprint is required to construct the building. Blueprints of all kinds are found in packs, so keep your eyes peeled. Once a blueprint is acquired, unlock the Combat Lab by selecting ...

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