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Rebel Tactics Research Data Now Live


The Rebel Tactics Research Data is now live. Check out the research tree here. And the research and building calculator here. Here is some data for you about the tree: Rebel Tactics Tree Totals: Time (days) 340.12 B Power 23.51 B Coin 0 XP 17.29 T Oil 29653.93 T Iron 29653.93 T Stone 29653.93 T Food 0

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Mercenary T5 Future Troops – Research Data Now Live


Research Data Now Live for Mercenary T5 Future Troops Check out the research tree here. The new totals for the entire Mercenary Combat Tree are: Mercenary Combat Tree Totals: Time (days) 3.15 B Power 24.58 B Coin 1.45 T XP 55.04 B Oil 152.45 T Iron 152.17 T Stone 152.52 T Food 1.45 T  

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T5 Future Troops – Research Data Now Live

T5 Future Soldiers

Research Data for T5 Future Troops The combat research tree has been updated for the T5 Future Troops. Check out the tree here. The new research adds 8.8 Bil in power.  Unlike other research trees, there are no resource or time costs associated with them. Just the Future Soldier Files found in packs. The total number of research files required ...

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Mod Sets Data – Now Live

Mods Guide

Mod Sets in Mobile Strike All the Mod Set Data is now live on Mobile Strike Guide. The new tool lets you see: Mod Set Recipes Mod Set Boosts Total Boosts for the entire Mod Set And the filters help you find exactly what you are looking for. The following filters are available: Mod Mod Set Name Boosts present in ...

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Augments Research Tree Now Live

research mobile strike

Augments Research Data Now Live All the data for the Augments Research has now been added. Check out the Augments Research Tree here. Some Facts for you: Total Research Time: 162,000 Years Total Coin Cost: 5.7 Trillion Total Power Gain: 68 Billion Dont forget you can calculate all your research requirements in the Research and Building Calculator here.

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Absolute Extinction Core Set, Ultimate Annihilation Core Set, Supreme Destruction Core Set

ultimate annihilation core set

Absolute Extinction Core Set, Ultimate Annihilation Core Set, Supreme Destruction Core Set These three new Mobile Strike cores sets are now live on the site. Check out the recipes and boosts here:   Absolute Extinction Core Set   Ultimate Annihilation Core Set   Supreme Destruction Core Set You can see all the core sets here (this page is automatically updated ...

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Battle Tactics Research Updated

research mobile strike

Data for Battle Tactics Research Now Live All the data from the massive Battle Tactics Research Tree has now been added check it out here. It is has a whopping  29 levels and here are a few stats for you: Research Time: 122,000 Years Coin Cost: 5 Trillion Power Gained: 17.5 Bil Which brings the total for all in research ...

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Nerf Calculator Updated


Update to Nerf Calculator The nerf calculator has been updated to track artillery separately.  Artillery units have a different power to other troops so affect the nerf calculation differently. I think a few users were finding some slightly off results because of this. This should no longer be a problem with the inclusion of separate fields to track Artillery units. Check out ...

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