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Avatar Collections & Power Squad

Avatar Collections

Avatar Collections

Avatar Collections are squads of Chat Avatars, such as Alpha and Bravo. Collections work similar to trading cards in the sense that you must collect all the cards in a set, however, upon completion of an Avatar Collection, a reward of permanent boosts and items is provided.

In order to view Avatar Collections, navigate to Profile > Change Personnel File Image > Collections. This will show all current collections, and your progress in each. Selecting one will display the rewards for completing that collection.

Power Squad


The latest addition to the collection is Power Squad. Acquiring all 8 will grant the player with a set of the Glorious Power Squad Avatar variants (blue background), in addition to the following:


5B% Rally/CP Troop Health, 4B% Troop Attack, 4B% Outpost/Raiding Health, 3B% Rally/CP Trap Health, 1B% Triple Combat Shielding, 200,000% Triple Defense


  • 2x Logistics Research Point Mod, 2x Operations Research Point Mod, 2x Tactics Research Point Mod, 1x Omni Research Point Mod
  • 2x PYO Divine Champion Insignia, 1x PYO Divine Conqueror Augment
  • 10,000x 1M Day Speedup
  • 2x 5TT Oil, 2x 5TT Iron, 2x 5TT Stone, 1x 3KT Food

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