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The Battle Marks Research Tree

Battle Marks


Battle Marks are an invaluable asset in combat. They provide real-time information on the selected enemy, available to your alliance in the Battle Marks Tab. By default only the target’s location at the time of marking is shown, which can be found via coordinates. When marked, a target will visibly glow red but only to your alliance members. In total, each player can mark 2 targets at a time (or 3 with unlock) and up to 15 marks may be placed by any one alliance.

As of now Battle Marks may be upgraded in 3 ways. When active, the Peace Shield Boosts displays the remaining duration and current status of the target’s shield. The Teleportation Boost may further provide information on the target’s current location and if they have teleported. Lastly is the Commander Status boost which displays information on the target Commander’s whereabouts (In the base, deployed, or captured.) Because it is a DBC Exclusive, Commander Status is the only boost that does not require an active item to use.

Battle Marks Research


Battle Marks Research opens the door for millions of stat boosts and various Battle Mark extras. When researching, watch for nodes that only apply to certain criteria, such as “… with Commander.” Because it is Battle Marks Research, a large portion of the boosts only affect marked targets. Battle Marks Research also introduces Combat Shielding. This boost grants protection to friendly units by negating a certain amount of the enemy’s attack power, but only when against your base.

Combat & Extra Boosts – The total bonus provided by Battle Marks Research.

  • Attack –  100,000,000% Rally/CP Troop Attack, 100,000,000% Rally/CP Type Attack, 50,000,000% Rally/CP Army Attack
  • Defense – 200,000,000% Rally/CP Troop Defense, 20,000% Troop Defense, 20,000% Type Defense, 20,000% Army Defense
  • Health – 400,000,000% CP Troop Health, 100,000,000% Rally/CP Trap Health
  • Combat Shielding – 100,000,000% Base Combat Shielding
  • Extras – 1,000% Train Queue, 1,000% Recall Deployment Speed, 1,000% Troop Load, +40 min Battle Mark Duration (Total 1hr 10min)

Battle Mark Bonus – When an enemy is Battle Marked by any alliance member, bonuses provided by “… vs Battle Marked Target” research are added to your attack on a marked target’s base. This means that they have no impact on normal operations against unmarked players.

  • Max Battle Mark Bonuses –  50,000,000% Troop Attack, 50,000,000% Type Attack, 15,000% Troop AP, 10,000% Army AP, 10,000% Type AP

3rd Battle Mark Unlock – An Unlock Battle Mark Target Token is needed to research Increase Battle Mark Target Limit, found at the top of the Battle Marks Research Tree. This allows the user to mark 3 targets instead of 2.

Costs and other data on are located in the Research Guide.

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