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The Biotech Lab and Serums

Biotech Lab


The Biotech Lab is a specialized laboratory, used to concoct Serums that grant combat bonuses to troops. With the recent update to the Lab, the maximum building level increased from 20 to 25.


At level 21, three new types of boosts are available: Serum Army Attack/Defense/Health. Serum Army Bonuses are added to every Serum, regardless of the boost from the Serum itself. The amount of bonus given relies on the level of the Lab, shown above.



Serums are similar to Cores, in the sense that they last a limited amount of time and require one Test Tube (Base), Ingredients (Attachments), and Coins to manufacture. Depending on the level of your Biotech Lab, up to 6 Ingredients may be used in a Serum. By adding more Ingredients, the Serum becomes more potent. Each Serum is unique, as there is a countless number of ways to mix and match Ingredients. Only one Serum can be active at a time; combining two would prove fatal. As of now all Serums last for 30 days.


Individual Ingredients have a range of boost that they may provide, such as the Crystal Test Tubes which can give 91%-100% Troop Attack. As a result, the game decides based on the range what boost each ingredient will provide to the final Serum. Since the Min Range (i.e 91%) is the lowest amount of extra boost that can be gained, the Max Range (i.e 100%) is the greatest. Therefore, in a Level 25 Lab the boost range of a Crystal Test Tube would become 116% – 1,100%. Keep in mind that the game picks the amount of boost somewhere within that range, so it is not guaranteed that the Ingredient will receive anywhere near the maximum possible boost.

Unlock and Upgrading


Unlocking the Lab requires a Biotech Lab Blueprint. When first unlocked, the Biotech Lab is not very efficient in terms of boost gained, so upgrading it as far as possible is recommended. With every new level increases to the Serum Min/Max Range boosts are made, however the Serum Duration remains the same. Additionally, every now and then an extra Ingredient slot is unlocked with a new level. There are two upgrade items needed for the Lab: the Chemical Silo (Levels 1-20) and the Centrifuge (Levels 21-25)

biotechlabchemicalsilo img_4190

The Blueprint, Ingredients, and upgrade items are all found in Sales. Despite this, certain Serum bundles can be purchased in the Black Market for Black Market Credits.

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