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Building Boosts: Updated Guide to Building Modifiers

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Building Boosts

Core Buildings are the basic structures that lie inside the Wall, including the Wall itself. Building Boosts may be applied to Core Buildings using Building Modifiers, which come in every Sale pack and some Challenges. From here on, Building Boosts mean the combat benefits given by Boosting a building, which are shown in above the Boost, Demolish, and Upgrade buttons.

Core Buildings:

  • Armory                    Bank
  • Death Row              Embassy
  • Hall of Heroes        Hospital
  • Headquarters         Prison
  • Radar Station         Research Facility
  • Trading Post           Training Grounds
  • Wall                          Warehouse
  • War Room

Rural Building Boosts

Rural Buildings are standard buildings that lie outside the wall. The process for boosting Rural Buildings is identical to Core Buildings, however, requires Rural Building Modifiers in the place of normal ones.

Rural Buildings:

  • Farm
  • Oil Well
  • Quarry
  • Iron Mine


Applying Boosts

All Core and Rural structures start out with zero Building Boosts and no multiplier. To change this, you will need to open up the Boosts menu, which is done by entering a building and pressing the appropriate Boost button. Using the Boost Manager also gives an overview of all current Building Boosts as well as a shortcut to each building’s boost menu.

Applying Boosts is like a game of chance. To start, press the green “Boost” button at the bottom of the page. Each Boost costs a certain number of Building Modifiers, and each additional Boost will require a greater amount of modifiers than before. When boosting, the building will “roll” to decide what the next Boost and Multiplier will be. The outcome can be better or worse, and while usually at least one will change, there are times when there is no impact on either. The quality and amount of the Boost and Multiplier are random, but increasing the building’s XP Level improves their value. The Boost acts as a base benefit, and the Multiplier improves it.

Note: The Modifier cost to boost buildings increases drastically from XP level 30 to 31.


Bonus Rescues

Using a Bonus Rescue reverts a bonus back to what it was before the last roll. If you have 100M Troop attack and boosting changes it to 50M Army Attack, using a Bonus Rescue turns it back to 100M Troop Attack. Keep in mind, reverting back does not refund the Building Modifiers used. This can be applied to both Core and Rural Buildings, and Rescues are sold along with the Modifiers.


Building XP

The XP level is exclusive to a specific building, and is not the same as other buildings that are of the same kind. Boosting adds XP to a building, and after earning enough will progress the building’s XP level. Keep in mind that the XP level is able to surpass the construction level of the building, and certain building levels give an additional XP bonus. The current max XP level is 40.

Instant XP Level

The yellow Instant XP Level button does not change the Boost or the Multiplier, and only increases the Building XP level by 1. The cost of the Instant Level is always the amount necessary for the next XP level, so Boosting and then using it will not result in a loss. (For example, if Instant XP Level costs 100M modifiers, and a boost is done for 10M modifiers, the cost for Instant XP Level will decrease to 90M.)

Although this covers everything you need to know about Building and Rural Building Boosts, you can still visit the old Guide here.

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