Training Ground

The Training Ground trains your City's soldiers. Upgrade your Training Ground to increase the amount of troops you can train with each queue. Build multiple Training Ground to increase its overall effects. As pecial benefit of the Training Ground is the Defense boost it gives to your Troops. Every 5 levels the Training Ground gives an additional +1% Defense to Troops.

Level Time Power Hero XP Stone Food Oil Iron Requirements
  • Heather Dubreuil-Kitsch

    Prestige (red) where it says open 50 crates….. Where do I find said crates? They are not in my crate folder

    • Hi, this just means that you now have the ability to automatically open 50 crates at a time (you don’t actually get given any crates).

  • usia

    Oil produces wood for your city ???

  • Seadawg

    How do I open death row. I have 21 base, 21 prison? I can’t get to 21 research facility without it.

    • Hi, I’m not sure what you mean – you just build it like any other building?

  • Robert H

    Correct Vault Statistics:

    All Levels:

    1 Day, 1% Base Interest Rate
    3 Days, 10% Base Interest Rate
    7 Days, 15% Base Interest Rate

    Level 1

    All durations, max 1,500 gold deposit.
    All durations, 10% Bonus Interest Rate

    Level 2

    1 Day, 1800 gold maximum deposit, 14% Bonus Interest Rate, 1% Base Interest Rate
    3 Days, 2200 gold maximum deposit, 20% Bonus Interest Rate, 10% Base Interest Rate
    7 Days, 4000 gold maximum deposit, 22% Bonus Interest Rate, 15% Base Interest Rate
    Have to purchase a gold pack to unlock level 1, have to purchase a gold pack worth 8,000 gold or more to unlock level 2

  • Lemacx

    How to upgrade the Vault? I have 50 War Bonds in my inventory but it doesnt show the button to upgrade the vault.

  • harry guyatt

    This is what they will do in the future

  • MrOverkill

    Does research facility 21 just need HQ 21? I thought it was a lot more than that

    • Hi, Yes it basically needs all the other buildings to be level 21 (other than the vault). I will get it updated

      • MrOverkill

        Gotcha thanks mate

      • Norm

        Sorry sent question wrong direction.. question if one is short required builds for 21 research building and pays the xtra charge for building 21 research. Does one get benifit of building it .. ie can I can do lev 10 gather research. Or will gather research say I don’t have the required building rss needed as my war room only 10

    • Normzzzz

      If one uses the quick build and pays extra for research building.. does one get all benifits of the upgrade. Ie want research 21 for gather 10 . Gather ten requires it. Will I be able to do it? I have not built all buildings on base to lev 21 yet. My paying extra for 21 research building would be pointless if I can’t use it for research.


    Kind of confused, how do you receive this? Or unlock to have option to get this?

    • HI, which building are you referring to? Thanks

  • MSMediacritic

    Just released. It’s called a vault.

    • Hi, as far as I know they haven’t released the upgrade in all States yet.

  • Kyle Kiser

    Is it possible to include the boost % of each level for death row

    • Sure – will try to get this up soon

  • Sean Kromer

    Would you be able to update the upgrade requirements on this page where “Market Place” is listed? I am putting together something that requires accurate information 🙂

    • Sure, will take a look

  • Jim Ben

    Ummm. I’ve played this game for 4 months and never seen the treasury… Never heard of it… I can’t find a picture of the building on google… I would almost call b.s. on that buildings existence if I had not gotten the war bonds to upgrade it in a gold gift crate. Has it been removed from gameplay or is there any info you could pass my way on the subject?

    • Hi Jim, yes it is a carry over from Game of War. Don’t know if they will ever release it, but the fact that War Bonds are in the game is big clue that it will come out at some point.

      • Matthew Kelich

        yeah its coming out they annouced it 2 days ago. :)) 100 percent

        • Great! Where did you see it announced? It’s not on the blog as far as I can see