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Juggernaut Medals – New Cores?


Juggernaut Medals Juggernaut Medals are accessories that can be equipped for a limited amount of time. Each Medal lasts for 1hr 23m once active, and up to 3 may be in use at a time (one for each commander accessory slot.) When the time is up, the expired medal will disappear, along with any mods that was on it. Juggernaut Medals ...

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Extended Economics Research & Gathering


Extended Economics Research Since the launch of Mobile Strike, the Economics Research Tree remained untouched, at least until now. Included in the newly extended Economics Research Tree is access to three new boost types, as well as the ability to gather Daily Milestone Resources from tiles. Along with those are various other benefits, such as increases in Deployment Size and ...

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Mobile Ops: Legendary Stat Shop


Legendary Stat Shop The Mobile Ops Stat Shop has been expanded to include newer, more powerful boosts. Where the older nodes maxed out in the tens of thousands, the legendary ones reach into the trillions. In addition to adding more powerful boosts, the legendary nodes include new types of upgrades not present in the older nodes. Attack: 1T% Rally/CP, 1T% Troop, ...

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Attack and Defeat Base Effects


Base Effects Whether it be the bright flash of 5 Stars or the glow of a mushroom cloud erupting above an eliminated foe, show off your power with Base Effects! Attack effects activate over your base when you launch any attack deployment. Defeat effects, however, appear above the base of any foe you burn. To equip effects, open the Headquarters menu, ...

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Independence Day Buildings


Independence Day Buildings Similar to Memorial Day Buildings, Independence Day Buildings are the upgraded version of certain unique structures. All Independence Day Buildings require Daily Milestone Resources and Keys to upgrade. Keys are sold in Sales, and each bears the name of the building it is used for (i.e Key to the Vault.) In the case of the Black Market, Mobile Ops, ...

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Triumphant Commander Level 100


Commander Level 100 Despite being a major milestone for Commander levels, Commander Level 100 only offers increases in boosts and capacities. In order to keep an edge in battle, these boosts must be exploited. To do so, Triumphant Commendations must be acquired from Sales to unlock the new levels. Level 91-100 Boosts: Attack – 2T% Troop Attack, 1.5T% Army Attack, 1.5T% ...

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Vanquisher Augment Sets and Crates


Vanquisher Augment Sets Vanquisher Augment Sets are unrivaled, mixing boosts to form a deadly combination of Attack, Defense, and CP/Rally Health. These new Augments are available for purchase through sales, in full or partial sets, along with Vanquisher Augment Mystery Crates and Collectibles. Mystery Crates have a chance to give Vanquisher Augments of any quality, as well as Collectibles that can ...

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Armored, Conquest, and Piercing Insignias


  New Insignias The new Insignias come in three different set specializations: Piercing, Conquest, and Armored. All three specialization sets are made up of 4 different Insignia types, with each type granting different boosts. All 12 of these new insignias last for 365d 01:06:40, and have a 1 hour cool down. Conveniently, 4 total Insignia slots can be unlocked, and therefore a ...

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Divine Juggernaut Gear Sets


Juggernaut Gear Sets Juggernaut Gear Sets come in various grades of quality, whether it be Supreme, Divine, or World Class. The Divine version is the best known, and one of the easiest to get. While some sales only offer a full set of Supreme Gear, most give a Divine Set and a few PYOs. The latter two are less frequent, ...

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Tier 7 Omega Troops and Traps


Omega Troops A new Tier of advanced units has emerged from the jungle (or forest?) trees into the scorched Desert. Omega Troops are covered in green camouflage and jungle underbrush, allowing them to conduct covert operations quickly and effectively in a tropical environment. Despite the fact that we fight in a barren wasteland, and that the past 2 tiers of ...

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