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Supreme, Exalted, and Divine Champion Insignias

Champion Insignias

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Raise the fla- er… Insignia! Champion Insignias come in three different strength levels: Supreme, Exalted, and Divine.  Because Insignias are a major component of battle, having the right setup is critical. Furthermore, it is important to know that Divine Insignias have a gold border, Exalted have silver, and Supreme have bronze. As a result, you should be careful not to confuse them. Equip your Monument with one of the six new Insignias:


Champion X-Ray InsigniaChampion Charge InsigniaChampion Breach InsigniaChampion Battle InsigniaChampion Ambush InsigniaChampion Scout Insignia

While the above covers data on the Divine Insignias, other data on all Insignias, including Supreme and Exalted Champion Insignias, is found on the new Insignia Page!

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