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Choosing Your Equipment – A Beginner’s Guide to Commander Gear


Mobile Strike Equipment Crafting Guide – The Basics

There are hundreds of pieces of equipment you can manufacture in Mobile Strike. How do you decide where to start?

In this guide I’m going to talk to you through some of the basics. There is a huge selection of gear to choose from but as you will see, not that many are worth your time.

Your starting point is three sets of equipment:

  • Research
  • Construction
  • Combat

The total time to research everything* is around 30,000 days. Adding a full set of research gear could reduce this by 10,000 days!

You can see why research gear is a priority.

The total time to upgrade all buildings in your city is around 3,000 days. Significant, but not as significant as research.

Combat gear is also very important, but as we will see you don’t want to be building this at anything other than legendary gold level (lvl 6).

TIP: You only need to be wearing you gear when you start a research or building upgrade. Afterwards you can immediately take it off.

Research Gear

For a full list of the best research gear see here.

Research gear is mainly focussed around crafting a Field Scientist Uniform and three  Holographic Sights.

I highly recommend you build a set of blue (lvl 4) research equipment and then work on building a gold set (lvl 6) afterwards. This is for two reasons:

  • A blue item only uses 1/16th of the materials that are required for a gold set so constructing it hardly sets you back at all.
  • Building a blue set lets you get the benefits much sooner. You can build 3 x blue holographic sights before you can build 1 x holographic sights. 3 x blue holographic sights= 42% boost, where as 1 x gold = 21% boost.

Most of the research gear requires Silicon or Kevlar which you can find by farming specific tiles.

It is also worth noting that Holographic Sights require Commander Level 47 so it may be worth considering manufacturing Field Ops Kits or Tactical Laptops as your lvl 4 Blue set.

Construction Gear

For a typical set of construction gear see here.

Like Research Gear, you want to focus on building a set of blue construction gear first (lvl 4).

Construction gear is primarily focussed around crafting Engineer’s Hammer, which even at lvl 4 gives a significant boost (33% each).

Most of the construction gear requires Titanium which can be found by farming food  and coin tiles (Farms and Abandoned Forts).


Combat Gear

Combat gear should generally only be built at gold level (lvl 6). The boosts take a significant step up from lvl 5 to lvl 6 and unlike research/combat gear, there is a not a compelling reason to build these early on. It also worth noting that much of the best gear is only available at commander level 50.

Not all boosts are created equal so check out the list of best combat gear to see which are worth manfacturing.  You also want to make sure you are only attacking with one troop type (See the guide to Optimum Attack to understand why) so you should always focus your gear on either Infantry, Tactical, or Armored Vehicles.


The find the best gear for Infantry Attack, Armored Vehicle Attack and Tactical Attack see here


The general rule of mods is to only use lvl 6 mods and to only put them in lvl 6 gear. There will be a point in the game where you are tempted to load up your gear with level 5 mods (it is much easier to collect a set of level 5 mods vs. level 6) but seriously consider waiting. The rate at which you acquire mods accelerates as you progress through Mobile Strike. You can of course remove them with an (expensive) mod saver but these don’t come cheap.

That said, for a little extra boost you might as well put lower level gems into your equipment as these can be removed later with a (much cheaper) simple mod saver.


Other Sets to Build:

Down the line you may want to build other sets of equipment such as a Commander set for attacking monsters, a farming set for resource gathering and a resource production set. You also might want to start adding sets for different troop types. But don’t get distracted by these and remember – focus on the Economy first.



In conclusion, crafting a full set of research gear should be your first focus. It could save you thousands of days of speed ups and get you a whole host of benefits from completing your research early. Alongside this, build an Engineer’s Hammer every time you have 3 x Titanium. Spending as much loyalty as you can on Daily Chances is also a great way of accumulating all the materials you need to build a lvl 6 set of combat gear.

*As of March 2016

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  • BeerKiller

    When I farm I only get economy materials and I really need silicon am I doing something wrong how do I find silicon

  • Sabastian Long

    Which is better set to get: Construction Time or Construction Speed?
    Also Research Time or Research Speed?

    • Hi, Research Time is better for low level researches. Research Speed is better in the long run as you move onto longer researches

  • Lan Haijai

    where is the guide to optimum attack?

    • Hi – I’ll get something up shortly. Thanks

  • Ashley Catherine Button

    you said you can find kevlar by farming certain tiles but didn’t say which tile… can you elaborate?

    • Hi, it has always been the case that different types of tiles provide different types of materials. E.g. Farming Oil Wells would provide something different to farming Abandoned Forts. However recently it seems that all tiles are providing materials for economy gear…