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Combat Mastery Research Tree

Combat Mastery Research


Combat Mastery is the latest addition to the ever-expanding Research list. This new tree unlocks billions of additional boosts, and access to a number of new bonuses. It is important to read the boost names carefully, as some only apply to certain operations.

Armor Piercing

  • 175,000% Army AP, 175,000% Troop AP, 175,000% Type AP


  • 5B% Rally Troop Attack
  • 5B% CP Attack
  • 3B% Troop Attack
  • 2B% Army Attack with Commander
  • 1B% Infantry Attack, 1B% Tactical Attack, 1B% Armored Vehicle Attack, 1B% Rally Mobile Trap Attack vs CP, 1B% Mobile Trap Attack with Commander, 1B% CP Holding Mobile Trap Attack

Combat Shielding

  • 2B% CP Holding Combat Shielding, 2B% CP Rally Combat Shielding, 2B% Rally and Troop Base Combat Shielding


  • 100,000% Type Defense, 100,000% Army Defense with Commander, 100,000% Troop Defense with Commander

Deployment Size/Capacity

  • +5M Mobile Trap Deployment Size, Total: 15M
  • +15M Rally Trap Deployment Size, Total: 50M
  • +55,175,000 Wall Trap Capacity, Total: 100M


  • 15B% Rally Troop Health
  • 15B% Control Point Troop Health
  • 1B% Rally Mobile Trap Health vs CP
  • 1B% CP Holding Mobile Trap Health

New Boosts


Tile Bonuses – These apply to combat regarding Tiles, and then from there depending on whether the player is defending or attacking.

  • 30B% Troop Health on Tile
  • 30B% Troop Health vs Resource Tiles
  • 10B% Mobile Trap Health vs Resource Tiles
  • 10B% Mobile Trap Health on Tile

Outpost Deployment Sabotage – Slows down incoming deployments against encamped tiles.

  • 100% Outpost Deployment Sabotage

Armor Piercing Resilience – Resilience boosts strengthen your troops, which lessens the total effect of the enemy’s specified bonus against your troops. For example, if you have 10% Troop AP Resilience, 10% of the enemy’s total Troop AP boost will be negated in battle.

  • 10% Troop AP Resilience
  • 10% Type AP Resilience

Embassy Defense – Only applies to troops reinforcing your base.

  • 50,000% Embassy Defense

Visit the Research Data page for info on individual Combat Mastery Research and more!

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