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Illustrious Commander Level 80

Commander Level 80


Commander Levels 76-80 are online. Because each unique new level provides its own specific skills, they range from Attack to Support to Serums. While reaching Commander Level 80 quickly seems ideal, sometimes more desirable skills are located in lower levels. As well as this, combined with Conquerer Gear, both the gear and new commander levels may work in tandem to maximize destruction. The list below displays the new commander skills and their maximum bonus. Keep in mind, some of the names get really long.

Level 76 – Troop Defense VII (15,000%), Troop Attack IV (10,000,000%), Training & Promotion Speed (1,000%); Rebel Target Deployment Speed II (200%), Maximum Energy Limit IV (+1,000,000)

Commander Level 77 – Defense For All Troop Types II (15,000%), Attack For All Troop Types II (12,000,000%), Training & Promotion Cost Reduction (10%)

Level 78 – Army Defense (15,000%), Ultimate Troop Attack (15,000,000%), Training Support Booster (+100% to Training Support Bonus)

Commander Level 79 – Rally & Control Point Attack & Health (20,000,000% Attack, 100,000,000% Health), Death Row Attack, Defense & Health Boost (5,000,000% Attack, 15,000% Defense, 15,000% Health), Base Protector Defense Support Booster (+1,000% Defense to Defense Support Bonus)

Level 80 – Mobile Trap Attack & Rally & Control Point Trap Health (30,000,000% Attack & Health), Triple Armor Piercing (10,000%), Serum Booster (+1,000,000% Attack, 5,000% Defense, 5,000% Health to serums)

Illustrious Commendations


In addition to XP, Commander Levels 76-80 require Illustrious Commendations to level up. One can find Commendations in sales, along with XP and other items to aid the war effort.

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