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Legendary Conquerer 2017 Gear Sets

Conquerer 2017 Sets


Step aside Ultimate Grand Champion sets, Conquerer Gear has arrived. Lighter, more durable, and more powerful than before, Conquerer Gear promises exactly what the name proclaims. Conqueror gear greatly outmatches Champion Gear, with the most powerful Conquerer set reaching 10,000,000% Troop Attack. Each Conquerer 2017 set is made up of: Conquerer Chestplate, Conquerer Sights, Conquerer Visor, Conquerer Pants, and Conquerer Auto SMG. Like all other 2017 sets, each Conquerer set is more powerful than the last. While they are devastating on their own, the full potential of a Conquerer Set is only available through Set Bonus (7) and Max Set Gear Leveling.

Lay claim to one of the three Conquerer 2017 sets: Conquerer, Grand Conquerer, or Ultimate Grand Conquerer.



With low rarity, plain Conquerer sets are excellent placeholders for their counterparts. This armor is easily acquired and will produce a full set in little time.

Fully Enhanced Set (7) and Max Gear Leveling Boost: 3,000,000% Rally and Control Point Troop Health, 2,000,000% Troop Attack, 5,000% Army Armor Piercing

Grand Conquerer


A more sought after Conquerer set, the Grand Conquerer provides 2.5x more than its precursor. The increase in power comes with a less beneficial increase in scarcity. While not as uncommon as Ultimate Grand Conquerer, Grand Conquerer will require a great amount of time to assemble. Parts of this armor and the set are hidden in Mystery Crates.

Fully Enhanced Set (7) and Max Gear Leveling Boost: 7,500,000% Rally and Control Point Troop Health, 5,000,000% Troop Attack, 12,500% Army Armor Piercing

Ultimate Grand Conquerer


The epitome of Conquerer Gear, the Ultimate Grand Conquerer set grants unheard of boosts reaching into the tens of millions. This set is exceptional in combat, and extremely uncommon. As a result, a full Ultimate Conquerer set requires a number of Mystery Crates before it can be fully put together.

Fully Enhanced Set (7) and Max Gear Leveling Boost: 15,000,000% Rally and Control Point Troop Health, 10,000,000% Troop Attack, 25,000% Army Armor Piercing

Conqueror Mystery Crate


A staple of the 2017 sets, Mystery Crates provide random items based on their type. The Conquerer Mystery Crate is no different and is sold in Sales. The crate provides Materials and Collectibles for Grand and Ultimate Conquerer sets, and even full Legendary set pieces. Furthermore, there are DBC exclusive crates that provide a random legendary piece of one of the three sets.

Strip Enhancement


Finally, with the dawn of Conquerer Gear comes a new DBC only perk: Strip Enhancement. This unique ability allows the user to completely remove and recover all enhancements on an item.

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