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Divine Conqueror Mod Set (Up to Level 20)


Divine Conqueror Mod Set

The Divine Conqueror Mod Set brings Mods to a whole new level, literally. Each Set consists of a Divine Conqueror Rifle, Cannon, Bazooka, and Trophy Mod. To acquire Mods of this caliber, a lot of smaller mods will need to be combined to higher levels. The good news about Divine Conqueror Mods is that they still only require 4 of a level to be combined into one higher level mod. Therefore, a total of 262,144 Level 1 Mods would be needed to gain one Level 10 Mod.

Divine Conqueror Mods are top of the line, and offer an insane amount of boosts:

  • Attack: 18B%+ Troop and Army Attack, 13B%+ Rally/CP Attack
  • Armor Piercing: 300,000%+ Troop AP
  • Defense: 750,000%+ Army Defense
  • Combat Shielding: 16B%+ Triple Combat Shielding
  • Health: 13B%+ Rally/CP Troop and Trap Health

Conqueror Mod Set Levels 11+

There is a slight discrepancy between the game itself and in-game blog. According to the blog, Divine Conqueror Sets can be upgraded up to Level 10, yet in-game they can reach up to level 20. In the Armory, Divine Conqueror Mods are limited to being combined to level 11, and cannot go further. Consequently, Levels 11-20 are impossible unless you can find them in Sales.


Exalted, Supreme, and Ultimate Sets

In order to avoid confusion, it is important to know of the lesser Conqueror Sets. These are far less powerful, and only go up to level 6, unlike the Divine Conqueror Mods. They can easily be distinguished by name and the color of their design (Divine Conqueror has a Red/Yellow hazard-like pattern). While most Sales now offer Divine Conqueror Mods, the older sets are not uncommon and are not recommended, as they pale in comparison to the Divine Mods.

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