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Prototypes Cores and Attachments – Data Now Live

Cores Attachments Prototypes

Prototypes Cores and Attachments in Mobile Strike

Prototypes are a new type of equipment constructed out of 1 Core and multiple Attachments. To construct them you need to have completed the corresponding Manufacturing research that has also just been released.

You can see all the data on them in the new Cores and Attachments page.

And for advice on the Best Combat Prototype Cores and Attachments see the new Combat Cores and Attachments page.


Currently, there are only 3 sets of prototype gear:

  • Artic Ops for Armored Vehicle Boosts
  • Frozen Tundra for Tactical Boosts
  • Subzero for Infantry Boosts

But there will be many, many more released over time.

Prototypes have the following benefits:

  • Powerful – they are more powerful than equivalent Commander Gear.
  • Customizable – you can customize the Attachments you add to each Core in order to get the exact boosts combinations that you want
  • Reusable Mods – after the prototype has been used up, any mods you have put inside of the core are returned to you

However, they come with the following disadvantages:

  • Not reusable – they can only be used once. Once they are equipped, a timer starts which can’t be stopped. Once the timer runs our they are destroyed.
  • Hard to find – in a sense this isn’t any different from normal materials, but each and every core and attachment needs to be collected from crates/rebels/packs/missions.
  • Research required – in order to start using them, you need to complete research in the manufacturing research tree.

More guides on prototypes, cores and attachments coming soon!

We have also updated the Boost Finder Tool to show the new cores and attachments.

Cores and Attachments page.

The Best Cores and Attachments for Combat page.


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  • Rob Judd, Jr.

    You say prototypes are more powerful than equivalent commander gear, but the % attack/defense are less than permanent. Please explain.

    • Hi. I am anticipating the future a little bit where they certainly will become more powerful than permanent gear.