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Deathtrap Gear Set – The Ultimate Trap Gear


Divine Deathtrap Gear

After months of waiting, there is finally a Gear Set made specifically for traps. A full set of Divine Deathtrap Gear is full of huge defensive bonuses, and enough Troop Attack to make it hurt.

This new gear is a part of the 2017 Combat Sets, which includes Vanquisher, Juggernaut, Judgment, Warlord, and Dreadnaught. Because of this, it shares the same Set Gear Leveling as all of them, and uses Judgment Enhancement Parts for individual Gear Enhancement. Enhancing all the equipment in the set to Level 30 will add 20B% Indestructible and Troop Defense.

Full Divine Deathtrap Gear Set

  • 20B% Indestructible Defense
  • 100KT% Troop Attack
  • 100B% Army Defense, 100B% Type Defense, 50B% Troop Defense
  • 50KT% Combat Shielding for Base
  • 200KT% Rally/CP Health, 100KT% Mobile Trap Health

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