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The Dirty Port Strategy


The ‘Dirty Port’ Strategy for SvS

A simple oldskool KvK GoW strategy that seems to be forgotten by many people: the dirty port. Whilst out of favour in Game of War, in Mobile Strike this is still a solid strategy.

This is how it works:

When a rally gets set on you or your teammates, within about 5 minutes the rally should be full. By filling a rally they will not be able to shield up, as they have an offensive deployment out of their base. Now you follow these three steps:

  • Wait until the rally is about to deploy. A few seconds before it deploys you teleport to the other side of the forest, or even better to another state.
  • Quickly shield up (not necessary if you intend to take the rally).
  • Once your screen turns red quickly random port your base. Tip: scroll down in your items (like you see in the screenshot below) before doing the trick, so that the Random Teleport is only two clicks away.


If the outlander rally leader doesn’t manage to cancel the rally in time this will result in an automatic hit on your base (you are shielded, so it does not actually hit you). Given that you ported to a place far away, the outlanders will have active offensive deployments that are several hours long. They will not be able to shield up nor teleport.

This gives you the option to counter attack. Choose weak targets to rally. This way you can score a lot of points. If they manage to get their deployments back within 5 minutes, it will have cost them a lot of deployment speed ups/gold, which still is quite satisfying!

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