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Divine Warlord Laser Mines

overpowered-warlord-laser-mine indestructible-warlord-laser-mine corrosive-warlord-laser-mine

Warlord Laser Mines

Much like Juggernaut Medals, Warlord Laser Mines are accessories that last temporarily and share the same set leveling as their “gear set.” While not technically cores, they have a limited duration of 31 minutes once equipped. This is an extremely short period of time for their cost, so it would be wise to think ahead before activating the Mine, which happens immediately after it is equipped. As a result, creating a Commander Preset with the Mines will allow you to make the most out of them.

Warlord Mines share the same set leveling as Warlord Gear, meaning they can be used in place of, or mixed with Warlord Blades, to complete the Set (5) or (7) bonus. Furthermore, because Warlord Gear already shares the same leveling as them, Warlord Laser Mines can also be used with Vanquisher, Juggernaut, and Judgment sets, and even alongside Juggernaut Medals.



Although they share many similarities, there is one thing Warlord Laser Mines have that Juggernaut Medals do not. Warlord Mines may be enhanced to level 25 with Warlord Laser Mine Enhancement Parts, which are available for purchase through Sales. Despite the fact that each Mine has its own specific Enhancement Part, all 3 types of parts look the same. Enhancements are added to the specific Mine that is being enhanced. This means the enhancement will only apply to that one Mine, and once it is used the enhancement is gone along with it.

When equipped on a Commander, Warlord Mines will change the background glow color to red, blue, or white, depending on the Mines in use.

corrosive-warlord-laser-mineCorrosive Laser Mine

  • Corrosive Warlord Laser Mine Enhancement Part
  • 100M% Corrosive Attack
  • 100M% Armor Piercing
  • 2KT% Rally/CP Health, 1KT% Mobile Trap Health

indestructible-warlord-laser-mineIndestructible Laser Mine

  • Indestructible Warlord Laser Mine Enhancement Part
  • 200M% Indestructible Defense
  • 200M% Troop Defense
  • 2KT% Rally/CP Health, 1KT% Mobile Trap Health

overpowered-warlord-laser-mineOverpowered Laser Mine

  • Overpowered Warlord Laser Mine Enhancement Part
  • 10T% Overpowered Attack
  • 100T% Troop attack
  • 2KT% Rally/CP Health, 1KT% Mobile Trap Health

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