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Enhanced Combat Lab – Levels 21-25

Enhanced Combat Lab


The Enhanced Combat Lab is an upgraded version of the original Combat Lab, spanning the levels of 21-25. These new levels build upon the previous levels, adding various new improvements. While the building is the same, the benefits of the Enhanced Combat Lab levels are far greater.


The Combat Lab upgrades themselves largely increase the boosts granted, shown above. However, at level 22 the Combat Lab introduces a Disassemble Enhance Refund. When disassembling an enhanced item, the lab refunds 10% of the Spare Parts spent on the equipment’s enhancement. These Spare Parts may then be allocated for use on new gear.

Enhanced Gear


One of the more notable features of the Combat Lab is Gear Enhancing. With this, gear is enhanced to reach a higher boost than it originally comes with. The new Combat Lab levels allow for a greater increase in a piece of gear’s level, now reaching a maximum of 20. This is a dramatic increase, and it shows. As an example, the Ultimate Grand Champion Gear can now supply up to 175,000% Troop Attack, 350,000% Rally and Control Point Health and 175,000% Rally and Control Point Defense.

While this article does cover the new Combat Lab levels, there is a full guide to the basic Combat Lab.

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