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Mobile Strike - Equipment and Commander Gear

Mobile Strike Guide offers a complete list of all hero gear available in Mobile Strike. There are over 400 items to choose from so use the different lists below to help you choose equipment for your hero.

This is the new Beta Tool, to use the old tool see here.

  • Theo Aivazian

    isnt reverse the party popper?

  • KingoLingus

    It would be nice to have a short list (printable) of best defense gear by slot. I realize there is not much to choose from as of yet but accessories are important as well! Perhaps the list is here already but if it is, kinda difficult to find it in short order 🙂 Keep up the GREAT work on the site, it is by far the nicest and best out there in cyber space hahaha

  • Scratching my head

    Help me understand this. Just starting out. I set commander tree skill points to max construction boost. I’m about to upgrade to HQ 10 which shows a reduced time before gear of 18:25:28. I have legendary Workman’s hammer, Shirt & 2 x Toolkit for a time reduction of 6 hour. But it only drops remaining timer to 15:41:50. Not even a 3 hour reduction.

    • Will

      It’s 3 hrs off BASE time not time reduced by boosts.

    • ionize

      Also focusing in buildings is not recommended. Focus on research, that will make you stronger. Max out your research before upgrading your HQ to the next level.

  • MDK 68

    ‘Look Both Ways’ is called ‘Hard Corps’ in the app

  • MDK 68

    The name of the this weapon is “Tank Buster” in the Mobile Strike app.

  • coreyfurman

    What does “coming soon” mean? Percentages are listed, so I’m not sure what it means.

  • ConsultingLifer

    The only gear showing up for me in the Economy section is gear with hourly reductions, not % time reductions. Thoughts?

    • Hi, the % reduction is in the normal gear section, not in the Economy section.

  • Warhiet

    Hi looking over these armors but I’m lost on something. Shouldn’t there be a coin and food production set in one? You kinda need both at once. No sense swapping to coins then getting killed on upkeep. What’s the best set for both?

  • Muleswinger

    Does this mean 4:00:00 less total project time? If so whats the point?

    • Hi, I am not sure which gear you are referring to but a 4 hour reduction is not pointless….

      • Muleswinger

        Intelligence Gear, specifically the rifle. 4 hours doesn’t mean too much when your research project is 250 days long. 4 hours a day would be pretty nice!

        • Yes, it is useful for the early researches but % reduction quickly becomes much better for the longer researches

          • ConsultingLifer

            So in my Economy Gear listing, there is no gear with % reductions. Where do I find those? Add them?

        • Chad Conder

          Silenced sniper rifle

  • KingoLingus

    Is the research gear up to date?

    • Hi, the last gear update was a couple of weeks ago. Should have all the new stuff added in the next couple of days. Thanks

  • Bruce

    Deployment boots don’t show any oil boost in-game