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Extended Building Development Research


Extended Building Development Research

Just as the title implies, the Building Development Research tree has been extended, and consequently brings with it a ton of extra boosts. While the new research nodes have absolutely nothing to do with buildings, this does not mean they are useless. Although there is a heavy focus on combat, there are economic boosts such as Troop and Trap Training speed.

In addition to that, keep in mind that some boosts are divided between two nodes. However, there are also others that offer two boosts instead of one. You should also keep in mind that almost all the boosts are only active under certain conditions. Not only that, but there are certain nodes that only need one research instead of 10.



As well as using normal Resources, Building Development research calls for Building Development Intelligence Chips. As a result, you will definitely need to purchase a pack or two to get enough to complete the research.

One new feature that is especially relevant is that when you enter a research tree, the view immediately jumps to the next set of available research. This cuts out having to scroll all the way down the page to reach the new research, and as a result speeds up the process.

  • The following three boosts are split between two nodes.
  • 4.2B% + 0.8B% Indestructible Defense (Unlike the other two it does not require a Commander.)
  • 3.3B% + 0.7B% Corrosive Attack w/Commander
  • 2.5KT% + 0.5KT% Overpowered Attack w/Commander
  • 10KT% Troop Attack w/Commander
  • 10KT% Type Attack w/Commander
  • 10KT% Army Attack w/Commander (See bottom of page)
  • 4KT% Rally/CP/Tile Troop & Trap Attack
  • 1KT% Rally/CP Troop & Trap Attack
  • 3B% Troop AP w/Commander
  • 3B% Type AP w/Commander
  • 3B% Army AP w/Commander
  • 10B% Base Troop Defense
  • 10B% Troop Defense
  • 10B% Army Defense
  • 10B% Type Defense
  • 10B% Embassy Defense
  • 80KT% Rally/CP/Tile Troop Health
  • 30KT% Rally/CP/Tile Trap Health
  • 20KT% Rally/CP Troop & Trap Health
  • +100B Trap Capacity
  • +1B Rally Troop Deployment Size
  • +800M Rally Mobile Trap Deployment Size
  • +250M Troop Deployment Size
  • +200M Mobile Trap Deployment Size
  • 100% Rally/War Zone/CP/Outpost Deployment Speed
  • 100% Rally/War Zone/CP/Outpost Deployment Speed Sabotage
  • 1K% Troop & Trap Training/Promotion Speed, +2.5KT Troop Training/Promotion Queue (Both come from Massive Troop Improvements)


Since the game is constantly adding new features, there will be times when a mistake will occur. Even though it is a simple error, the “Army Atack” typo is still worth featuring:


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