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Extended Economics Research & Gathering


Extended Economics Research

Since the launch of Mobile Strike, the Economics Research Tree remained untouched, at least until now. Included in the newly extended Economics Research Tree is access to three new boost types, as well as the ability to gather Daily Milestone Resources from tiles. Along with those are various other benefits, such as increases in Deployment Size and Trading Capacity.

All research in the Extended Economics tree requires Economics Intelligence Chips, which are located in Sales. This tree also uses Daily Milestone Items, unlike the original tree which used normal Resources instead.


Research Boosts

It is currently unknown how Overpowered Attack, Corrosive Attack, and Indestructible Defense exactly affect combat. However, they seem to act in a similar fashion to the boost they are associated with, and are likely just a stronger version. Oddly enough, these three also only have one research level.

  • Overpowered Attack: Categorized as a Troop Attack Boost, +1T%
  • Corrosive Attack: Categorized as an Armor Piercing Boost, +1B%
  • Indestructible Defense: Categorized as a Defense Boost, +100M%
  • Mega Tile Health: Unless I missed the announcement of a Mega Tile, this probably increases the Health of units on Tiles, with the “Mega” meaning a large amount. Mega Tile Health does not appear in the Boosts tab. +20T%
  • Base Enhancements: With one research, additional Resource Trading Capacity, Trap Capacity, and an Ultimate Elimination Resuscitation Delay increase are all gained. +100M Trading Size, +100M Trap Capacity, + UE Resuscitation Delay
  • Gathering Improvements: See Guide to Gathering below.

Other Bonuses:

  • Attack: 2.5T% Army, 2.5T% Troop, 2.5T% Type, 2.5T% Rally/CP
  • Health: 50T% Rally/CP Troop & Trap, 1T% Troop
  • Triple Defense: 100M%
  • Armor Piercing: 50M% Army, 50M% Troop, 50M% Type, 25M% Triple
  • Troop & Rally Base Combat Shielding: 1T%
  • Trap Deployment Size: +50M
  • Trap Rally Size: +150M
  • Troop Rally Size: +600M
  • Troop Deployment Size: +100M
  • Gathering Speed: 1,000%


Guide to Gathering

Gathering Improvements is a one-level research that unlocks the ability to collect Daily Milestone Rewards from normal tiles in the world. This completely changes things, as before Milestone Resources could only be collected from Sales or Daily Milestone Challenges.

In order to collect Milestone Resources from tiles, pick one and open its menu. There should be two options: the traditional resource, or the Milestone resource. Select the Milestone Resource and then deploy troops to occupy the Resource Tile. Once finished, they will return with precious Daily Milestone Resources!

Resource Locations:

  • Wooden Crates: Farms
  • Barrels: Oil Wells
  • Statues: Iron Mines
  • Glass: Quarries
  • Bonds: Abandoned Forts

Gold Mines/Crates and Rebel Tiles do not offer any Milestone Resources.

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