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Guide to Finding Materials

materialsLooking For a Specific Material in Mobile Strike?

Where do I find x material? It is a common question in Mobile Strike. The standard materials are the only ones that you can regularly get hold of all year round. Trying to get hold of a specific seasonal or Rebel Target material is much harder as we will see.

Type of Materials

There are three types of materials:

  • Standard Materials
  • Seasonal Materials
  • Rebel Target Materials

We’ll start by looking at Standard Materials:

Standard Materials

The two most reliable ways to get standard materials are to either farm their associated tile, or from quests by using Daily Missions. You can also get them from chests, by winning battles and from gifts.

Farming Tiles for Materials

These tiles provide the following potential materials:

Iron Mine – Iron, Army Camo Cloth, Screwdriver, Multi-Tool, Fuel Cell, Ignitor

Oil Well – Iron, Army Camo Cloth, Screwdriver, Multi-Tool, Fuel Cell, Ignitor

Quarry – Iron, Army Camo Cloth, Screwdriver, Multi-Tool, Fuel Cell, Ignitor

Farm – TBC

In addition, farming Abandoned Forts for Coin can provide any of the materials above.

UPDATE: The materials provided by tiles actually change with time so this is not a reliable guide!

Improving Your Chances of Finding a Specific Material

There are a lot claims about the best way to improve your chances of getting materials from tiles including:

  1. Sending more troops than are required to clear the tile
  2. Sending specific types of troops to specific tiles
  3. Farming full tiles rather than part empty tiles

I am doubtful any of these make a difference. It seems unlikely that Epic War would spend the money on designing, implementing and testing features that frankly make little sense. The only way to know for sure would be through extensive data collection. If I had to speculate, I would bet on a much more straightforward approach. The way that would make sense from a programming point of view is very simple. As you are farming a tile you see the resources ‘tick’ up every second or so. Every one of these ticks has a (very low) chance of finding one of the materials above. The chance of finding a lvl 1 material is much less than 1% per tick. The chances of finding higher level materials is even lower. The would explain why sometimes you come back with multiple materials.

If this is the case, the only way to increase the quantity of materials from tiles is to gather more and to gather quicker (i.e. more ticks per second). It is worth noting that higher levels clear more quickly so will have more ticks per second.

Epic War have said that higher level tiles are more likely to reward higher level materials, so whilst not directly rewarding more materials, they will reward better materials.

Higher level tiles also contain more materials and therefore take more ‘ticks’ to clear. This would explain why you do come back with materials more frequently from higher level tiles vs. lower level ones.

Materials from Missions

Daily, Alliance and VIP missions are a great way of getting extra materials. Each quest has a relatively high chance of awarding a material (or mod).

At 50,000 loyalty each, Daily missions are a very cost effective way of obtaining more materials and much more efficient than buying material crates.

See here for more info on Missions and tips on using Daily Chances.

Materials from Winning Battles

You can also obtain materials and mods from winning battles. For most players, winning a battle is not as easy to come by as daily missions but nonetheless, winning an attack does reliably award a prize. If you regularly attack a farm for resources consider keeping some troops/traps that you regularly heal/replace. No materials will be awarded if no traps/troops are lost.

Materials from Crates

There are 4 types of crates that award standard materials:

Standard: lvl 1-3

Specialized: lvl 2-4

Advanced: lvl 3-5

Elite: lvl 1-6

Advanced crates are much better than Elite crates as Elite crates are much more likely to award low level materials. (As is reflected in their price – Rare crates are unsurprisingly more expensive).

In my opinion crates are never worth buying. Daily missions are a much more cost effective way of finding materials of all levels. If you get crates included in a gold package or as part of an event prize then great – just don’t buy them.

Materials from Gifts

Materials are one of the potential rewards found in gifts. The higher level the gift, the higher level the material that may be awarded. Alliance Gift Level increases the chance of receiving higher level materials.


Seasonal and Rebel Target Materials

Seasonal and rebel target materials are much harder to come by.  They can only be obtained from rebel targets and crates.

Seasonal materials are the easier to find of the two and are roughly split into Summer, Fall, Winter and Spring. Each is obtainable within a three month window.

Rebel target materials are harder to find – they can only be found from their corresponding rebel targets. Rebel targets typically hang around for 2  – 4 weeks. Some (but not all) are repeated multiple times throughout the year. Rebel targets may also award seasonal materials.

I would like to know if some materials are rarer than others. Please let me know if you have any evidence.

Materials from Rebel Targets

Materials are awarded by Rebel Targets in three ways:

1) Hitting the Rebel Target

2) Farming the tile left behind after killing the Rebel Target

3) From the gift awarded to your alliance after killing the Rebel Target

To obtain higher level materials, hit/kill higher level Rebel Targets.

For all of the materials on this site, I have specified which Rebel Target/events they come from.  Unfortunately, some of them only come around once per year, so if you are looking for a specific one make sure you don’t miss the window.

Materials from Crates

As per normal materials, seasonal and rebel targets materials can be found in crates. Materials related to a specific rebel target/event can only be found in their corresponding crates and this is the only way of finding these materials out-of-season. Gold packs and events will often award out-of-season crates as prizes.   You can also buy these crates but as per normal crates they are very poor value for money.

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  • BrooklynXpat

    Anyone know which crates Black Thermal Pladtic comes in?

  • 440Liam

    any idea where I can find silicon and titanium?

  • Inferno_912

    Hi all, I am looking for ,,Damascus Steal,, I never seen it before. thx

    • VicVonDoom

      It comes from the Judgement Crates. Haven’t found any elsewhere. They are a rare item even from the crates.

  • Moe

    I noticed today there are new materials on the ressource tiles like CPU and HDD

    • Thanks – this is helpful. Will update the article

  • Cody Thimm

    I’m a little hesitant to share this data publicly, but if there’s a problem I’ll pull this link back: https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/1Qc5bQE19sBjgWJFMGOj50NAL5Bse0KIekzHRaH9hGlU/edit?usp=sharing

    • Thanks very much Cody, this is very helpful. A lot of people will find this very useful I’m sure.

  • Be Real

    Here is my update for ya; Lvl 5 oil, sent mix troops that could gather 950k rss.
    Gathered 921,600 ;recieved
    Fuel cell lv 1 x1
    Screwdriver lv 1 x2
    Multi Tool lv1 x1
    Fuel Cell lv 2 x1
    Iron lv 1 x1
    Multi Tool lv 1 x1

    • Thanks, will update shortly

  • Kyle Kiser

    I just recieved Army camo cloth from oil tile

  • Cody Thimm

    This cannot be correct. I’ve started collecting data on this. My last 72 trips to an RSS tile I haven’t pulled a single one of the materials from that list, with the exception of one Gunpowder. All I’ve been getting have been Iron, Army Camo Cloth, Screwdriver, and Multi Tool, on all tile types. In most cases I clear the whole tile and the troop type varies as I just send whatever I have left.

    • Hi, thanks for the input. I have to say I was uncertain about the reliability of the source data of this list. Did you record which tile the gunpowder came from? If you wouldn’t mind continuing to collect data on this I would be happy to update the article once you had a larger sample size.

    • Pigs

      With the introduction of economy gear, the cache has changed. They are pushing those materials out heavily.