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Game of War vs. Mobile Strike – 2016

Game of War vs Mobile Strike

Comparing Game of War: Fire Age to Mobile Strike

This is a commonly asked question. Those of you that are familiar with Game of War will immediately see the similarities. People just starting out with Mobile Strike might be surprised and amazed at all the extra features and complexity found in Game of War. So let’s take a quick look at the similarities and differences.

The Similarities


Fundamentally, you wouldn’t be wrong to say they are the same game. They share a tremendous amount in common. They are made by the same game developer – Machine Zone. Perhaps because the games are indeed so similar, Machine Zone tried to distance themselves from Mobile Strike, publishing it under a new company name – Epic War. However, it doesn’t take much investigation to see that they are really one and the same.

Game of War has been tremendously successful for Machine Zone (sorry, Epic War). Whilst Machine Zone started out as a multi-game developer, they have since moved all of their eggs into one basket and bet everything on this one title. So far it has been paying off.  Strategising about their next move, they must have seen a gap in the market for a modern warfare MMOG, and, already equipped with a proven game format they have taken the path of least resistance to capture it. Mobile Strike is essentially a clone of Game of War. All of the game content, functionality, features, etc. are fundamentally the same.

The Differences


Not much other than artwork, sounds and text. Mobile Strike has cloned the entire codebase of Game of War and reskinned it with a modern warfare feel. Your Hero becomes your Commander, your Stronghold becomes an HQ and Cavalry now is referred to as Armored Vehicles. Images and sounds have been updated accordingly.

There is also another fundamental difference in that Mobile Strike represents a complete reset comparable to the early days of Game of War. Since the launch of Game of War in 2013, a tremendous amount of new content and game features have been added. Mobile Strike represents a clone of Game of War in its circa July 2013 state. This is potentially good news for new players as it is a level playing field. Starting a new account in Game of War means you are many of thousands of years of timers behind the top players. In Mobile Strike the difference is much less pronounced. Presumably over time, Machine Zone will release more features and content based on a similar schedule (but hopefully avoiding some of the flops such as the Alliance City.)

This also isn’t to say that they are going to stay the same forever. It is perfectly possible that Machine Zone has used this as a proof of concept to test the potential market before investing in expensive new functionality and game features. And it seems to be paying off. Incredibly, it is already the 7th highest grossing mobile game despite only being launched a few months ago.

Alongside this, there were some criticisms that the original game artwork was garish and unrefined. And whilst Mobile Strike is no less ‘in your face’ (reminiscent of 90s website where everything flashes at once), the artwork is certainly more mature and refined. It has a pleasant feel to it and has a coherency that Game of War is sometimes lacking.

Which one Should I Play?

This is a somewhat difficult question to answer as the game are so similar. The main deciding factor is if you have a preference for fantasy warfare vs. modern warfare. That aside, a big influencing factor is whether you plan to spend big and compete as a top player. Game of War is a mature game now that many players have heavily invested into. To actively compete requires a huge investment in cash. In Mobile Strike the bar is set lower. The game is much younger and the Gold Packs you can purchase are much more modest (in contents, not in price).

The other factor to consider if how you feel about complexity. Game of War can be pretty overwhelming for new players – there is so much content and so many features that it can take weeks or more to get to grips with it all. If you like things simple, consider Mobile Strike.



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