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We are always looking for insightful articles, in-depth analysis, well-considered opinion pieces and anything else that might be of interest to the Mobile Strike community.

We are happy to pay for quality submissions proportional to their length and quality. Approximate rates are $20-$100.

All enquiries to: contribute@mobilestrikeguide.com


  • 32brassentor

    new mod upkeep production multiplier gives u 5% upkeep
    also wanders mod gives u troop load 12.5% and deployment speed 12.5%
    cheers 32

  • Rod

    That is spot on. I’m having a big problem now. Have to give the company phone today. Already logged in but because I never needed the login and password. If I give the phone the account goes. When clicking forgot password it saying I’ll get an email but because the system mobile strike use must be lower quality it has to be done personally. I’m in the UK so just lost 6 hours by the time they come back to me

  • KingoLingus

    Your site is very informative however, #1 you cannot tell if your logged in if logging in through the site #2 if you forget your user name there is no option to find it only the password reset #3 in the drop down menu where is the gear section? I thought there was one before but its hard to navigate to it now! Ps. I had to log in through my FB account to post this.

    • Thanks for the feedback. I will sort out the login issue. The gear section is under Data->Equipment and Gear

  • Sergio

    Tengo muchos problemas, el primero es que luego de la actualización reciente el juego se me desconecta a los minutos de haber ingresado, también, no logro entrar a la galería de tiro y esta muy lento.

  • water intoxicated

    I am in love with this game it Is well worth buying packs/ in game purchases they help you greatly and I can not stop playing it… its an amazing game I recommend it to everyone I am hooked on it and its a great way to meet people and to have fun.. I show people the game and they get it and love it you should get it too I have spent money on the game and yes the game is free so go download it and try it out well worth you time!