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Global Control Point Released!


On February 25th, Epic War announced that the Global Control Point was being released, and would begin that day, February 25th at 4:00 PST/February 26th 0:00 UTC. The Global Control Point is the Mobile Strike analog to the Super Wonder in Game of War, so this was an expected release, it just came more quickly than we expected.
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Any commander with a level 21 Base can purchase a Covert teleport in the store for 250,000 gold, or in specially marked gold pack sales. This particular teleport can be used to teleport from your state to the the Global Control Point state (State #1)  that you can find on the world map, and will allow you to occupy the Global Control Point state for 24 hours. While in the Global Control Point state, you can freely move around using advanced teleports.

Once inside, the goal is to occupy the contested Global Control Point for the most amount of time to be crowned Supreme Commander. In order to do this, your alliance must hold the Global Control Point for the most amount of time, and the leader of your alliance will Becoming Supreme Commander will net you certain combat boosts and a special set of combat gear, Prototype Gear, the equivalent to relic gear in Game of War. The title will be held until the next time the Global Control Point is open for contention.

The Supreme Commander can bestow special titles on other states, and his or her kingdom will be filled with gold tiles for the duration of his or her reign. Like the Emperor in Game of War, the Supreme Commander is the highest combat “honor” that one can earn in Epic War. As such, the Global Control Point will always be highly contested, with the best fighters Mobile Strike has to offer in attendance.

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