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Guide to Artillery in Mobile Strike

artillery-guideEverything You Need to Know About Artillery in Mobile Strike

Artillery serves one purpose in Moble Strike, and that is to destroy  traps. In the early and middle part of the game, traps can be a real issue and artillery is the only way to deal with them effectively.  This guide should tell you everything you need to know about artillery including how they work, their stats relative to normal troops, when to build them and when to use them. Artillery goes hand in hand with traps – so I am releasing the guide to Traps at the same time which you can see here.

A Quick Overview of Artillery:

Artillery comes in four tiers from T1 to T4 and are trained in the training grounds much like normal troops. Relative to troops of the same tier, they take 33% longer to build and cost roughly a third more in resources. They are the slowest unit but also have the highest load allowing them to carry more resources.  For info on specific Artillery stats see here.

Advantages of Artillery

Compared to normal troops, artillery have a number of advantages:

  • They have between 30-50% higher defense (decreases as you move up the tiers)
  • They do around 5 x more damage to traps
  • They take 50% less damage from traps
  • They can carry around 50% more resources

Disadvantages of Artillery

  • They do less 25% less damage to troops
  • They take 33% increased damage from troops
  • They are slower
  • They take 33% more time to build and cost 33% more resources.

The Purpose of Artillery

As you can see from the stats above, artillery only really serve one purpose and that is to destroy traps. Their usefulness is really dependent on how useful traps are. If you haven’t already, I suggest you read the guide to traps to understand better when traps are useful and when they need to be dealt with.

The quick summary is that just as traps become irrelevant with large troop numbers, so do artillery.  Much like traps, there is a fairly narrow part of the early and middle game where they are useful, but after this their effectiveness drops off rapidly due to their ineffectiveness at fighting troops.

When to Use Artillery

There are two important rules to determine if you should attack with artillery:

  1. You must be attacking your opponent more than once
  2. Their traps must pose a larger threat than their troops

The first rule is important. There is no real benefit to destroying traps other than to clear the way for future attacks. If you are just going to be attacking someone once then there is no real reason to send artillery. (The exception to this being if you can zero them in one hit and want to make sure you get all their troops and traps).

So assuming you will be attacking them multiple times, when you should send artillery?

You need to work out if their traps pose a larger threat than their troops. As a very rough guideline, assume that traps are twice as powerful as troops. Using this quick table assign points based on the number and tiers of troops/traps they have. If their trap total is higher than their troop total than attack with artillery, otherwise attack with troops.

[table]Tier, Troop Points, Trap Points

T1, 1, 2

T2, 2, 4

T3, 3, 6

T4, 4, 8[/table]

(Eagle-eyed readers will notice that T4 should really be 4.5 and 9).

So for example:

If they have 100k t3 traps their trap points total would be 600k points.

If they have 100k T2 troops and 300k T3 troops their troop points total would be 1.1m points.

Their troops points are higher than their trap points and this is an indication that you should not attack with artillery.

Note: if the points totals are similar you may want to consider attacking with a mixture of troops and artillery.

If you are attacking someone multiple times then you will need to be reassessing this balance as you destroy their troops. As their troops get killed off there will come a point when you should switch over to artillery.

It is also worth mentioning that you should never send artillery to attack tiles – hopefully this is obvious as there are no traps outside of cities!

The Point At Which Artillery Stops Being Useful:

An important conclusion from this is that the maximum possible points total for a full wall of T4 traps is 1 mil.

This means that if an opponent has more than 333k T3 you should not really be attacking with artillery. Anyone with more than 15m-20m power will probably have this number of t3 troops (less if they are running a trap account).

Using Artillery for Farming/Stealing Resources

Artillery do carry a much larger load than normal troops. This makes them useful early on in the game when you don’t have enough troops to clear tiles and you want to be able to drain resources from cities faster. However, later on in the game they are not great troops for farming as if they are killed they are expensive and slow to replace.

Artillery Research and Boosts

Due to the limited lifespan of artillery it is generally not worth prioritising artillery boosts. Time or resources spent on researching artillery or crafting artillery equipment will be wasted once your kingdom grows past the point where traps are useful so bear that in mind.


There is limited artillery specific research – the two main areas are Artillery Attack and Artillery Defense in the combat tree. These are both prerequisites for Troop Health and for T4 troops so you may have to do these whether you like it or not. Artillery Attack is more useful than Artillery Defense.

Commander Skills
You can invest Commander Skill points in Artillery Boosts which is a great way of boosting artillery in a non-permanent way.


Have a look here for Artillery gear but as mentioned be careful about investing too many resources into crafting them.


Artillery are an essential part of the attacking game in the early to middle stages. Traps pose a formidable threat to troops and often need to be dealt with. You need to make a quick assessment of their relative troop strength vs. trap strength to decide if attacking with artillery is a good idea. The point at which you should generally stop attacking with artillery is when your opponent has 333k T3 or more (which comes at roughly 15m-20m overall power) for a full wall of T4 traps, or 250k T3 for a full wall of T3 traps.

When zeroing players there will always come a point when their trap threat becomes more than their troop threat so you may want to have a full march of artillery available to deal with this effectively.

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