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Guide to Assigning Skill Points for Your Commander

Commander Skills Points

Commander Skill Points in Mobile Strike

Commander skill points are a critically important feature in Mobile Strike. Each commander in Mobile Strike has a ‘tree’ of available skills, that are unlocked as your commander rises in level. Every time your commander goes up a level, he or she is granted more skill points to utilize. There are two sides to the ‘tree’ of skills. The left side corresponds to combat and troop/trap training, and the right side corresponds to all economic aspects of Mobile Strike like research, construction speed, and resource production. You should allocate your skill points according to your current goals for your account at that time, and they can be reset an unlimited number of times. The ability to reset your commander skills is limited only by how much gold you have, or loyalty, as commander skill resets can be purchased in the Alliance Store. You will need to allocate a certain number of skill points in different skills to unlock the ability to put points in the next skill or several skills after it. This is tiresome, but normal. For skills you don’t want, simply put the bare minimum number of skill points in that skill. For example, to advance to the first troop type attack skills on the combat side, you must put five points in Troop Training.

Allocating Skill Points for Combat

During State vs. State Kill Events or any other time you are set up for fighting, you should allocate your skill points to the left side of the tree. Troop Attack, Troop Health I, Troop Defense I, Troop Defense II, Troop Health II, and Infantry/Tactical/Armored Vehicle Attack I & II are the best use of your points in terms of combat and fighting at this time. You should refrain from putting more points than necessary in troop training and trap building, and I would refrain from putting points in Trap Attack as well, as the number of traps is far more limited than the number of troops you can have. I would steer clear of using points in Siege Attack as well. They are not very useful once enemies have considerable numbers of troops, and they are useless defensively. I would recommend staying skilled for combat if you remain unshielded and your commander is home. Also, if your hospitals cover your troops and your commander can’t be eliminated, you’ll kill more of any incoming attacks while you still have troops and your commander.

The recommended progression:

Troop Attack -> Troop Health -> Troop Defense ->Troop Defense II -> Troop Health II

Then fill the individual troop type attacks (Infantry Attack, Tactical Attack, Armored Vehicle Attack) with your remaining points. If you are going to be defending, you need to weigh the option of having more points in one troop type attack than another, versus distributing them amongst two or even all three troop types. If you will be attacking more often than not, it is best to pick one troop type that you prefer using, or your gear is best suited for, etc., so you can maximize the attack of that particular troop type. This will become more important as later and greater gear is released, and if Mobile Strike follows the Game of War model, as march sizes increase and new commander levels and skills become available.

Allocating Skill Points for Economic Goals (Research, Building, Resource Production)

After your kill event, or whenever you are not planning on fighting, it is incredibly important to reset your commander skills from the left (combat) side to the right (economic) side. Do note however, that Troop and Trap Training Speed I & II are both on the left side of the tree, so plan how you use your skill points accordingly. Commander skills can drastically reduce research times, training times, and building times if the skill is filled when that action is begun. You can also use your skill points to boost your resource production rate, but they will not continue to produce past your city’s normal resource capacity.

To skill for research & construction speed you would fill:

Construction I, Research I -> Research II -> Construction II (and the required minimum points in the other skills leading up to these four, which are your goals). If you have points left over, I would consider filling in Troop Training I. I don’t believe it is possible to skill for construction, research, and fill in Troop Training I & II completely, but I will confirm this. Then you can train, build, or research to your heart’s content without worrying about whether you forgot to reset your commander skills for one and not the other two or something. If you are dedicated to troop training at a particular time, you can forgo Research or Construction to fill Troop Training II. If possible, you should also be fake rallied or shielded when set up like this. *Filling Food Production I, II, & III is a good use of skill points if you are able to keep your food production positive by filling them, but doing so to the detriment of any of the aforementioned skills isn’t recommended.


An example of a commander tree skilled for research and construction speed, with a lower level commander.

TL;DR Version

Always make sure you have skilled your commander for your intended actions in-game. Commander skill points can be reset an unlimited number of times (limited only by how much gold you have; commander skill resets can be purchased in the Alliance Store as well using loyalty) If you are going to be fighting, you skill the left side of the tree, for combat. Focus on Troop Attack, Troop Health I & II, and Troop Defense I & II first, then fill in individual troop type attacks as you can. If you are big enough to be attacking regularly, it is best to skill for one type of troop to maximize your boosts. This troop type can be chosen by personal preference, gear and mods available, or to complement a friend or alliance mate’s chosen troop type. When defending, it is best to choose two, though you can evenly spread the points between all three types. Do not use skill points for siege, or for trap attack. They will not benefit the bulk of your army, and trap stats are boosted by your normal combat research already.

When you aren’t fighting, you can skill for a particular type of resource production, for Research and Construction (speed), or for Troop and/or Trap Training Speed. This is done on the right side of the tree, with the exception of Troop Training Speed I & II and Trap Training Speed I & II, which are found on the left side of the tree. I typically skill for Research and Construction with Troop Training I filled in when I am smaller, and then pick two once I get larger and have enough skill points (Construction and Troop Training if I will be building, or Research and Troop Training if I will be researching). Again, remember that the troop and trap training speeds are on the left side of the tree, so your points available for use on the right side will be limited by having to unlock the prerequisite skills on the left side of the tree to be able to skill Troop Training Speed II or Trap Training Speed II, or both.

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  • DC

    what does it mean for level I, II and III please? Should I set more point to level III?

    • j.disqus

      yes, once you reach commander level 50, either economic set or attack set. Start filling from the bottom towards up

  • Billy

    What do you do when your commander is maxed out and experience points no longer matter

    • Hi, When you reach Commander Level 50, you stop receiving experience points as you have reached the maximum level.