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Guide to the Combat Lab

The Combat Lab


The Combat Lab has finished development, and is primed and ready to kick your equipment into high gear. Employing this facility is rather straightforward; however, a Lab Blueprint is required to construct the building. Blueprints of all kinds are found in packs, so keep your eyes peeled. Once a blueprint is acquired, unlock the Combat Lab by selecting it and pressing the green “Unlock Combat Lab” button.

Making Improvements

Enhancing cores & gear provide increases to their overall stat boosts. Whenever a gadget is enhanced, it raises the device’s power level. Each enhancement requires Spare Parts, and enhancements past level 1 require Key Components as well. Upgrading the lab escalates the maximum level gear can be enhanced to and amplifies its enhancement efficiency. In a level 20 lab, normal gear caps out at power level 10 and cores at level 5, with an enhancement efficiency of 12%.


Gear enhancement may be the primary function of the lab, although disassembling is just as important. Disassembling normal equipment salvages a set amount of Spare Parts, listed below:

Basic  – 100                         Advanced – 6400

Standard – 400                  Elite- 25,600

Specialized – 1600            Legendary – 102,400

As shown, the return is proportional, and because of this lower quality does not mean less value. Note that there is a 20 minute cool down between disassembling. One should also keep in mind that while disassembling does provide Spare Parts, Materials are not awarded. If you are in need of materials is is suggested that you break the item rather than disassemble it.


The Combat Lab’s enhancements are second to none, and contribute an invaluable boost to combat effectiveness. With careful upgrades, you and your commander will be a true force to be reckoned with. Take advantage of your commander’s updated armory to lead your troops to victory!

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