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Guide to Hyper Farming and Free Resources


Hyper Farming

As Mobile Strike grows, resources (rss) are becoming more and more valuable. Tiles are increasingly difficult to find or are threatened by tile hits, and most players with large amounts of rss are shielded. Hyper farms are a sustainable and free way to get the rss you need. There are two ways to hyper farm. The most common form of hyper farming consists of creating one or more separate accounts that are purpose-built to produce rss, however some players also convert their main accounts into hyper farms, which works just as well if not better. Please note that this tutorial will be based off a “free” account with no extra tiles unlocked.

Getting Started – The “Hyper” Farm

Before you can begin hyper farming, you will need an alternate account (or multiple, I would highly recommend making at least one for each resource, minus coin. To create an alternate account simply log out of your current one, open the game up again, and press “start new game.” This will create a new base in a randomized state. Once you have completed the tutorial, open up the world map and find your home state and locate your main account. Use a beginner’s teleport and port next to it. At some point in time you will need to create a new account for this base so you can swap between it and the main account. After all that you have 3 base options for your hyper farm.

Level 9 Hyper Farm:

Lowest relative resource production, however your commander cannot be taken and because of that production cannot decline.

Level 14 Hyper Farm (Recommended):

Reasonable resource production, with the added risk of commander capture. Most players will release un-executable commanders soon after attacking, though some are lazy and wait for them to escape instead. This farm requires no maintenance once set up.

Level 15-22 Hyper Farm:

This hyper farm will provide the highest amount of RSS, though it is more expensive and difficult to maintain as you will want to keep it shielded 24/7. If your commander is captured, you will have to wait days for the execution and during that time your production will suffer greatly. Logging into your farm every eight hours to rally or daily to reset a shield is also a huge nuisance and gold cost.

I have chosen to utilize a level 14 stone hyper farm, although the same exact principles of the farm apply to each resource and level. I would suggest hyper farming food last, as inactive bases are already excellent at that. You also do not need a coin hyper farm, your hyper farm will provide coin as well as the resource you selected. Also, from this point forth [Resource] will be your selected resource.

Construction – HQ and Research

When making a hyper farm, it is best to level up the HQ as high as you are going first and as fast as possible. Here is a list of the only buildings required to do just that for HQ L14.

HQ (L14), Warehouse (L13), Hospital (L12), Research Facility (L13), Trading Post (L14), Training Grounds (L12), Hall of Heroes (L14), Radar Station (L11), Bank (L14), Wall (L13/14), Farm (L14), Oil Well (L14), Iron Mine (L14), Quarry (L14), Armory (L13/14)

The only Economics research you will need is:

Construction (L1-7), Food Production (L1), [Resource] Production (L7)

An important thing to remember- ALWAYS have a building upgrading and something researching. Time is your most valuable resource, use it wisely! A few tips for speeding this up:

A: Commander Resets. For 150k loyalty (or 1k gold) you can purchase a commander skill reset and set your commander skills to max out Construction I & II as well as Research I & II. After that any extra points may be spent on resource production. (You will need to reset these again later on, but for now this helps).

B: Utilizing VIP. Depending on your farm’s VIP level, you can speed up your build queue for free from a set amount.

C: Commander Gear. A full orange set of construction gear is hard to come by… however even level one gear will save you a few minutes and a few speeds.

D: Researching Construction. Self explanatory.

E: Additional Research/Construction Queue, Construction boosts, paid items. Not recommended and very expensive for a simple Hyper Farm.

Construction & Demolition – Resource Buildings


At this point, you should have a level 14 HQ and all the above buildings to their specified levels. You may also have completed the research, however if you have not then do not worry, there is still plenty of time. Now for the fun part, demolition. Find the following buildings: Hospital (L12), Training Grounds (L12), Radar Station (L11). Now take a moment to think about all the hard work you put into those buildings. Resources, time, and effort. Done? Ok, now demolish them. That’s right, demolish those three buildings, you do not need them anymore. You are not training any troops, so you will not need to heal them or receive a warning to protect them. If your research is complete you should also demolish the Research Facility (You can destroy the Armory, however you may also leave it and get enough materials for some resource production gear).

There should now be 21 empty tiles inside the wall and 21 empty tiles outside the wall. Fill up all of the tiles with banks and your chosen resource building, respectively. Upgrade all to level 14. After that you may demolish your Warehouse and replace it with a Bank. Your interior base is now complete, and all that is left is to replace the remaining 3 extra resource tiles (in my case the Farm, Oil Well, and Iron Mine) with your selected building (Quarry, in my case) and level them all to 14.


Research Completed for [Resource] Production (L7)

HQ (L14)

Wall (L13/14)

Trading Post (L14)

Hall Of Heroes (L14)

21x Bank (L14)

21x Quarry (L14)

Optional- Commander reset to full [Resource] and coin production (I believe this requires a level 45 commander)

Optional- Armory

Optimizing And Maintaining your Hyper Farm

There are various perks that can be used to boost your resource capacity, so be sure to use them.

1: Be sure to check your resource production and see how long it takes for it to reach your capacity, or just clean it out whenever you log in so production does not cease.

2: 7-Day Resource Production boosts are relatively cheap in the alliance store and supply a 20% increase in resources.

3: VIP will provide a good enough boost, and purchasing a 30 day will certainly be worth your while.

4: Resetting your commander to max out [Resource] Production I, II, and III as well as Coin Production I, II, and III may take a high level commander but supply a HUGE boost to your production!

5: Outfitting your commander with some sweet production gear will boost your production even further.


Once completed, the hyper farm is a highly valuable resource that will continue to pay for itself over and over again. Don’t be afraid to make more of them to multiply your resources even more! 

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