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Guide to Missions in Mobile Strike

Everything you Need to Know About Missions in Mobile Strike

missions-mobile-strikeThere are three types of mission in Mobile Strike

Types of Missions:

Daily Missions award:

  • Commander Xp
  • Resources
  • Items

Alliance Missions add:

  • Loyalty/Funds

VIP Missions add:

  • Daily Streak Points (unlocked at VIP level 7)

All three offer Commander XP, Resources and Items. Alliance and VIP missions add loyalty/funds and VIP mission add a daily streak to get an additional (small) prize.

Hero XP and Resource are rewarded in multiples of your Stronghold level (see table below). Note resource rewards are slightly higher for food and lower for silver.

Mission Type Commander XP Rss Loyalty/ Funds Daily Streak
Basic 100 x 200 x 500 16
Common 400 x 800 x 2,000 64
Uncommon 1,600 x 3,200 x 8,000 256
Rare 6,400 x 12,800 x 32,000 1,024
Epic 25,600 x 51,200 x 128,000 4,096
Legendary 102,400 x 204,800 x 512,000 16,384

Multiply your HQ Level by the Commander XP  and Rss column to see the reward at each mission  level.

The level of item awarded is equal to the mission type. A basic mission can reward a lvl 1 item, a legendary mission a lvl 6 one. The possible items you can receive are Materials and Mods

As the rewards from missions increase with hq level, you may want to wait to use your daily chances and alliance chances if you are about to upgrade your HQ.

Also, don’t forget the commander XP rewarded from missions is affected by commander XP boost so consider saving up a number of daily/alliance chances and using them with the  25% commander XP boost item.

The time taken to complete a mission is random but on average a Common mission takes 4 x as long as a Basic mission. An Uncommon mission takes 4 x as long as a Common one, etc.

A completed mission will remain forever until collected, but be warned, an uncollected mission will not be replaced with a new one!

VIP missions can only be started and collected when VIP is switched on. However, if your VIP switches-off midway, the mission will be there to collect the next time you enable VIP.

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