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Guide to Playing Without Spending

Did Somebody Say Free?

Mobile Strike is growing exponentially, and so are the costs of playing despite it being a “free” game. Even the most casual of players can recognize that spending is very strongly encouraged, even if they are new to the genre. That said, there are many ways to get around the “pay to play” aspect. So is it possible to play Mobile Strike competitively… without spending?

Yes, it is. Playing without spending is plausible, though it is more difficult and requires quite a bit more dedication than swiping a card.

Getting Started

This article will assume you already have a base created and an account set up so we can dive right into creating your free base. It is recommended that you disable in-app purchases. Trust me, your credit card will thank you. Removing the temptation of being able to buy your way through will allow for more focus on the task at hand; a truly free account.

Maximizing Growth

The first step is to ensure constant growth. Your base will not just magically turn into a killing machine, you will have to work for it. The free route does require far more effort, but more effort = less money. Below are some strategies to lessen said effort without adding costs.

Time– This cannot be stressed enough, time is your best friend. If you are not utilizing your time to its fullest extent, you are missing out and your rate of growth is going to be much lower than it could be. Training, Research, Trap Building, and Construction queues should NEVER be empty. Before going to sleep, queue the longer stuff so when you get up in the morning it is ready to go again.

Research Goals– Begin by maxing out your Economy Research. Construction should be first on the list, and after that tree is done work towards completing rebel target/combat research.

Shield– Until your base is ready, keep a shield on 24/7. Healing troops is not at all enjoyable, and neither is losing precious resources. Setting reminders in your mobile device or other form of calendar often helps, as does not waiting until the very last minute to shield.

Reduce, Reuse, and Recycle- Speaking of precious resources, conserve as many of them as you can. Think before you queue, as canceling it only gives back 50% of what you spent and that adds up. Do not spend them on anything that does not directly benefit your end goals. Be as cheap as possible with your resources as you are with not spending on the game. Also, be mindful that when buying items, bulk is almost always cheaper.


Make Friends– Just because you are not spending does not mean that nobody else is. Try to join a large, active alliance, preferably one of the larger ones in your state. The more powerful the members, the more they spend, and thus the more gifts you get. Not only that, most large alliances are ecstatic to have trap accounts within their ranks and can be very generous with resources and gift items. Do not be afraid to ask for help growing, but do not be a beggar. There is also the option to trade RSS for items or other resources. Alliance stores also offer some items cheaply for loyalty points instead of gold.

Commander Reset– On a related note, for 150,000 Loyalty or 1,000 Gold, commander resets are relatively inexpensive items that can pay for themselves over and over again. When about to queue troops, research, etc., resetting your commander’s skill points can make a colossal difference in the time required to complete the task. Resetting commander skill points allows for maximization of combat effectiveness and farm production.


Gathering– Gathering larger gold tiles is a great way to boost your gold total, although you need to be on high alert when farming tiles. Tile hits are commonplace, and often make tiles more trouble than they are worth. Farm only when online, and recall your troops before logging off.

Challenges– Challenges are a relatively easy way to recuperate your spent resources and speedups, just for doing what you normally would. Saving up to make a mighty push and reach level 3 of the challenge is the most efficient way to get the greatest return.

Rebel Targets– Rebel Targets can provide alliance gifts, collectibles, materials, etc.

Materials + Gear– Gear is an expensive commodity that is well worth the effort. Manufacturing Economy gear is rather simple, and materials are abundantly found when farming tiles. Manufactured gear can provide a large boost to your growth and advancement.

VIP– The free perks that come from VIP are invaluable. Instant construction speedups and resource production boosts are just two of the numerous enhancements VIP has to offer your base.  Be sure to never let it expire, and check in once a day to get free points and build up a streak!

Item Boosts– Item boosts can be found in the same tab as shields. Item boosts can assist in resource production and more.

Alternate Accounts/Farms– Alternate Hyper Farm bases provide plenty of resources, but require far more effort and attention. Nonetheless, in the long run, these bases could be a critical asset to your growth. For assistance in fabricating a Hyper Farm, refer to this guide.

Enjoy Yourself and Have Fun!– There is no point in any of this if the game is not enjoyable. At times it will be tedious, especially in the beginning, but do not lose hope. All the hard work will pay off in the end.

Setup Options

Constructing your base poses a consistent and long-term challenge. There are many options in terms of style; the most conventional of which are Fighting, Trap, and Farm. In all of these hyper farming one resource outside of your wall is beneficial, but otherwise they are quite different.

Beginning with the simplest of the three, a Farm base is for the laid back player who would rather play Farmville than fight. Economic output is really the only concern with this style. Set up your base as a hyper farm as described in the aforementioned article, and simply exchange resources with your allies.

Advancing in difficulty, a Trap base is the optimum setup for a player who does not wish to spend. The core focus of a trap base is a substantially smaller base than that of a fighter in terms of power, with the goal of doing similar if not more damage to those who are unfortunate enough to happen upon and attack you. Information on trap bases can be found here. The article will continue under the assumption that this is what you chose, as it is the most viable option for playing without spending.

A rather daring (futile) endeavor would be to utilize a Fighting base style. Growing to over a billion power is a monumental task that is exceptionally difficult to achieve without spending. While technically possible, it is prohibitively time-consuming and largely dependent on the alliance and state you are in.

Playing Without Spending

After a style is chosen, build up the base. Be sure to use all the tips described above, as well as in the linked to articles, and playing without spending will be a piece of cake. When used properly a trap base is a dominant and formidable force to be reckoned with, and unlike the fighting base it preys on, it can be built for free. Even the smallest of choices can make or break your free base and set you back days or even months, so always weigh the risks and options available to you. Forgetting to shield or biting off more than you can chew can obliterate your work in a matter of moments. Playing without spending is a difficult and sometimes tedious task, but is well worthwhile.

Mobile Strike may always be advertising to gain your hard-earned cash from purchases; but even so, they are rather fair about allowing opportunities to play for free. While buying packs is considerably less effort when compared to putting in a little elbow grease, which would you rather do? Shell out hundreds, if not thousands on a mobile game, or achieve the same thing for free?

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