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Guide to the Speedup Factory

The Speedup Factory


The Speedup Factory will allow you to consolidate your smaller speed ups into larger speedups. It’s quite simple: you piece together the required amount of speedups to “invest” to put towards a larger speedup. After a short while, the factory will produce a much larger and more valuable speedup! At level 10, the factory requires anywhere from 10 minutes to 100 days in speedups, but can produce up to a 350 day speedup!

Time to Speed Things Up

Before the Speedup Factory can be used, a Speedup Factory Blueprint will need to be acquired. As of now, the only way to get this is in gold packs, so be on the lookout. Once the blueprint is in hand, the factory can be easily unlocked and utilized. Once unlocked, it can be used immediately.


The Speedup Factory works just like the Vault. Select the Certificate of Speed Up Deposit for your desired time, and deposit the requisite smaller denomination of speedups. After the timer ends, the Speedup can be collected and will be added to your inventory. At this point you will be able to invest again. There are many investment times, the longer the time you have to wait, the more you gain. Be sure to make the most of your investment time and always have the factory active.

1,000 Golden Stopwatches are required in order to reach a Level 10 factory. Below are all the benefits received when a Level 10 factory is completed:


The general idea is that the higher the investment, the higher the return; however in some cases this is not true. In fact, the 1hr certificate provides the most speedup value per hour in terms of time efficiency. Conversely, the 7d certificate provides the best return on your deposit.

Regardless of how you choose to vest your speedups, the Speedup Factory is worth its weight in gold and will pay for itself time and time again, and we would strongly recommend unlocking it.

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