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Guide to Capturing and Eliminating Enemy Commanders

Capture Eliminate Commander

Capturing and Eliminating Enemy Commanders

Once you start to reach the upper levels of game play in Mobile Strike at headquarters level 15 and above, you will need to start worrying about making sure your commander is protected. Why, you ask? Because other players can capture and eliminate your commander, thus greatly reducing your combat, research, and production abilities. If your commander is dead/eliminated, none of your researched benefits apply, only the standard benefits from the buildings inside your base. You also will need to spend gold or alliance points to buy a commander resurrection, which can get expensive rather quickly. But the good news is you can capture and eliminate other players’ commanders as well.

How are Commanders Captured?

Commanders with a headquarters of level 10 and above can be captured in several ways. They can be captured if your base is attacked and all of your troops are injured or killed and your hero is home (‘a massive defeat’). They can be captured if a commander has been sent to a tile and all of the troops gathering with the commander are killed (when the army that attacked the tile returns home, the captured commander will display over the attacking army’s base, like normal). This is why you should not gather with your commander on tiles, as it is risky at best if he or she can be eliminated.

Commanders cannot be captured if you have set a fake rally to protect him or her because they are not ‘in’ your base, they are ‘in’ the rally (even though it is set from inside your base). Commanders also cannot be captured if your base is shielded, as you cannot be attacked at all while shielded. This becomes more important if you are at headquarters level 15 or above and your commander can be eliminated, as mentioned above.

Why Would I Want to Capture Enemy Commanders?

Once you have reached headquarters level 15 and have a prison of at least level 15, you can capture, and subsequently eliminate commanders after a set period of time based on the captured commander’s level. But why, actually, should you want to do this? Well, there is a quest completed by doing so. But if you have a death row built, when you eliminate an enemy commander it will grant you attack, defense, health, and march speed bonuses determined by the level of your death row. At headquarters and prison level 21, captured commanders also provide combat boosts simply by being captured and present in your prison, but if you are defeated they will return to their own base. The combat boosts captured heroes provide at prison level 21 also vary by level, with level 50 commanders conferring the largest temporary combat boost.

How to Hold and Eliminate Enemy Commanders

After you’ve captured an enemy commander, holding the enemy commander long enough to eliminate them is the hardest part. The ease or difficulty will depend on your state’s rules regarding commanders, and your power. The more power you have in terms of troops and research (T4 and T3 in particular), the easier it is to hold and eliminate a hero. I am not big enough to do so in Mobile Strike, but in Game of War, it’s typically around four billion power minimum. It is considerably lower than that in Mobile Strike; I would assume 100 million power-200 million power at this point would be safe in most states at least, and much lower than that is some states. To actually eliminate an enemy hero, you wait until the required holding period has passed (about three days) and click on your prison, and then the commander, and then the ‘eliminate’ button. If you have a death row, the bonus boosts timer will say ‘active’ and a countdown will begin. During this countdown period your death row-level dependent attack, defense, health, and march speed boosts will be active. Ideally, you would capture and eliminate a regular string of commanders to insure your death row bonus boosts will run constantly. The power required to hold and eliminate a hero is much, much lower than it will be in the future, so keep this in mind.

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