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Guide to the Troop Academy

The Troop Academy


The Troop Academy is live, and it should be an interesting addition to the game. The Troop Academy is similar to the Training Grounds; however, instead of creating entirely new units, it retrains current troops to fit different roles to better fit your build as needed. So note the units being promoted will be ‘gone’ once promotion is complete, and the units you wanted more of will increase in numbers proportionally.

A Troop Academy Blueprint is needed to upgrade the Academy, which naturally can only be purchased in gold packs. By improving/upgrading the Troop Academy, you can access different tiers of your troops and the troop queue limit is raised. In addition to initially needing a Blueprint, each level upgrade calls for Golden Badges, and both the Blueprint and Badges are found in packs and sales.


After the Troop Academy is unlocked, simply select a troop to begin promoting. All other types of units that you are able to promote that unit to will now be highlighted, and the ones you have not unlocked (by leveling the Troop Academy) will remain darkened. Once you reach level 15, the Troop Academy can promote between all four tiers of normal, advanced, and mercenary troops.


Once you decide what troop tier and type you would like to use to promote, you need to decide what tier/type you would like to promote them to, depending on the level of your Troop Academy. When you have selected the troop you would like to create more of, a popup equivalent to that of the training grounds will be shown. You will see how long the promotion will take based on your promotion queue, and how much it will cost in terms of time and resources.


The Troop Academy is a very efficient way to adjust your build in a relatively short amount of time with less cost than it would take to do from scratch. This will be the primary purpose of this building, since your overall troop count will not change once promotion is complete. Basically, instead of dismissing obsolete or ineffective troops, you can put them towards the different types or tiers of troops you want in the Troop Academy.

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