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Headquarters Level 30 & Silent Exalted Architect Set

Headquarters Level 30

Headquarters Level 30 opens up a brand new range of upgrades for all base buildings, allowing for greater combat efficiency and power. As the strength of buildings increases, so do their capabilities, and therefore their usefulness to the player. A wonderful feature of the Level 26-30 building upgrades is that they require Cement Pillars instead of Resources.

Level 30 Buildings


Base buildings (excluding resource buildings) provide some type of boost derived from their specialization. The new bonuses provided by level 26-30 buildings is far greater, and some buildings now supply extra types of boosts on top of those added by Levels 23-25. Note that the bonus is per building, and each level provides a greater boost than the last. Individual data is found by entering the building in-game and pressing (?).

Level 30 Building Bonuses:

  • Armory – 300M% Control Point Mobile Trap Health, 50M% Rally & CP Shielding, 50M% Rally & CP Attack, 10,000% Troop Defense
  • Bank – 10M% Rally Attack, 6M% Base Shielding, 2,300% AP, 1,000% Troop Defense
  • Death Row – 250M% Rally & CP Health, 200M% Troop Attack, 100M% Rally & CP Attack, 14,000% AP
  • Embassy – 60M% Rally & CP Shielding, 50M% Base Shielding, 10,000% Troop Defense
  • Hall of Heroes – 500M% Rally & CP Health, 125M% Rally & CP Shielding, 50M% Rally & CP Attack
  • Hospital – 10M% Base Shielding, 7M% Attack, 1,500% Troop Defense
  • HQ – 30M Solo Troop March Size, +2 Deployment Slots
  • Prison – 250M% Rally & CP Health, 200M% CP Mobile Trap Health, 75M% Rally & CP Attack, 7,000% AP
  • Radar Station – 125M% Base Shielding, 125M% Rally & CP Shielding
  • Research Facility – 130M% Rally & CP Shielding, 50M% Rally & CP Attack, 20,000% Troop Defense
  • Trading Post – 100M% Rally & CP Attack, 50M% Base Shielding, 14,000% AP, 10,000% Troop Defense
  • Training Grounds – 7.5M% Base Shielding, 500% AP
  • Wall – 40M Trap Capacity, 20M Rally Trap March Size, 5M Solo Trap March Size
  • Warehouse – 130M% Base Shielding, 60M% Rally & CP Shielding, 50M% Rally & CP Attack, 10,000% Troop Defense
  • War Room – 120M% Rally & CP Attack, 150M Rally Troop March Size

Resource Tiles

In addition to producing normal Resources (Stone, Oil, Iron, Food), Level 30 Resource Buildings are capable of producing Daily Milestone Items. With a Level 30 Trading Post you can exchange Daily Milestone Items between alliance members.

Silent Exalted Architect


Silent Exalted Architect gear cuts down on costs and construction time. With a fully enhanced set, each level 26-30 build costs 1000 less Cement Pillars. On top of that, Legendary Hammers, as well as Construction speed are lessened. The set consists of the Architect’s Visor, Vest, Boots, Pistol, and Satchel.

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