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Buildings and Headquarters Level 40


Headquarters Level 40

Looks like its time to upgrade again! The Headquarters has been expanded to include an additional 10 levels, raising the max from 30 to 40. Each new level unlocks greater troop deployment size, as well as the ability to upgrade normal base buildings to the next level.

It is necessary to purchase Steel Gears from Sales to use in the construction process. While there is currently no exact statistic for how many Steel Gears it takes to upgrade all buildings to level 40, it is definitely over 100 million. Besides Speed Ups and Steel Gears, there is no Resource requirement for base buildings or Headquarters level 40.


Although the Headquarters undergoes a massive change from level 30 to 31, it looks almost completely the same from 31-40. The only difference is the striped border, which changes color as the base level progresses.

  • Gray – 31 & 32
  • Green – 33
  • Blue – 34
  • Purple – 35, 36, 37, 38, 39
  • Orange/Gold – 40

New Building Boosts

From level 31 up, most base buildings receive one of three new boosts: Corrosive Attack, Overpowered Attack, and Indestructible Defense. Not only that, but all buildings listed below also receive a Troop Attack bonus. It should be noted that until you pass it, the info tab (?) in buildings only shows boosts up to level 35.

  • Corrosive Attack – Death Row, Radar Station, Research Facility
  • Indestructible Defense – Armory, Embassy, Hospital, Warehouse
  • Overpowered Attack – Hall Of Heroes, Prison, Trading Post, War Room

Divine Constructor Gear

While it may be a revived version of an old set, Divine Constructor Gear is far more useful than its earlier version. This Divine edition offers a massive increase in Construction Speed, as well as the addition of Cement Pillar and Steel Gear Cost Reduction. The set is comprised of: Divine Constructor’s Helmet, Vest, Boots, Nailgun, and Backpack.


  • Over 400% Construction Speed
  • 2,800 Legendary Hammer/Resource Hammer Reduction
  • 400 Cement Pillar Reduction
  • 700 Steel Gear Reduction
  • 50% Upkeep Reduction


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