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Independence Day Buildings


Independence Day Buildings

Similar to Memorial Day Buildings, Independence Day Buildings are the upgraded version of certain unique structures. All Independence Day Buildings require Daily Milestone Resources and Keys to upgrade. Keys are sold in Sales, and each bears the name of the building it is used for (i.e Key to the Vault.) In the case of the Black Market, Mobile Ops, and Monument, the only change is an added boost that increases with each level. Despite this, the Vault and Speedup Factory both received enhancements relevant to their purpose.

key-to-the-speedup-factorySpeedup Factory

Starting at level 22, the Speedup Factory will provide an Army AP bonus, which reaches up to 2M% at level 30. Upgrading the factory only increases the return from 1 day investments, as with the last factory update. It is important to note that at level 29, a 1 day investment of 100 speedup days will yield a 100M Day speedup. With level 30, however, the same investment will give three 50M Day Speedup Items.


The Vault’s Independence Day levels range from 7 – 30. Every upgrade increases the Max. Deposit Bonus and Bonus Interest Rate. Furthermore, in a level 30 Vault, Gold may be deposited for 30 days and rewards ~100M gold (including what was invested.) Although that seems like the best deal, vesting gold under the 1 day certificate for 30 days produces a profit of over 100M gold, making the 1 day investment the better choice.

key-to-mobile-opsMobile Ops

Previously capped out at level 1, the Mobile Ops building can now advance up to level 30. Upgrading this building does not grant anything but an Army Attack bonus, adding up to 100T% at level 30. The recent extension to the Mobile Ops Stat Shop is available regardless of the Mobile Ops building level.


key-to-the-black-marketBlack Market

The Black Market is the same in terms of utility. The only benefit of upgrading is the Mobile Trap Attack bonus, which adds up to 100T% at level 30.




Upgrading the Monument does not increase the maximum Insignia capacity, although it does provide 150T% Rally & CP Troop Health at level 30.




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