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Tier 8 Infinity Troops and Divine Jungle Training Gear


Infinity Troops

Infinity Troops is the designated name for the 12 Troops and 9 Traps that make up Tier 8. Tier 8 troops and traps are stronger than the former Tier 7 Omega Troops, but come at a much higher cost. Training T8 units requires Daily Milestone Resources, and in addition to being more expensive to train, a single Infinity Troop consumes 15,000 Wooden Crates as upkeep: 10 times the amount required by a single Omega Troop.

Every Infinity Troop trained adds 69 Power to your total, with the exception of Artillery, which give 96. Each Trap built on the Wall awards 45 Power, regardless of type.

Troops (Infantry/Tactical/Armored Vehicle/Artillery):

  • Normal: Operator, Headhunter, Cyclone, Siege Engine
  • Advanced: Phantom, Widowmaker, Vulture, Rhino
  • Mercenary: Ambusher, Saboteur, Prowler, Shredder


  • Normal: Turret System, Laser Matrix, Marauder Mine
  • Advanced: Titan Cannon, Orbital Satellite, Desert Spikes
  • Mercenary: Command Tower, Auto Defense Turret, Hedgehog



Tier 8 Research picks up where Tier 7 left off at the bottom of the Ultimate Combat tree. T8 Research allows for the unlock of Infinity Troops & Traps, and while providing minor economic boosts, is centered heavily around combat bonuses.

All T8 Research requires Infinity Intelligence Chips, sold in a wide range of Sales. As with T7 Research, T8 Research uses Milestone Resources instead of Normal Resources.


Research Boosts

Some bonuses are divided into multiple research nodes, which are labeled next to it.

500% Triple Deployment Sabotage: This single research node reduces the speed of incoming deployments to your base, or a held Global/State CP.

Armor Piercing: 

  • 3B% Army AP, 3B% Troop AP, 3B% Infantry AP, 3B% Tactical AP, 3B% Armored Vehicle AP

AP Resilience: 

  • 10% Army Resilience, 10% Type Resilience, 10% Troop Resilience

Combat Shielding: 

  • 250T% Base Shielding, 250T% Rally/CP Shielding


  • 1KT% Ultimate Infantry Attack, 1KT% Ultimate Tactical Attack, 1KT% Ultimate Armored Vehicle Attack
  • 1KT% Troop Attack w/ Commander, 1KT% Army Attack w/ Commander
  • 500T% CP Attack, 500T% Rally Attack, 1KT% Mobile Trap Attack
  • 1KT% Troop Attack vs Base, 1KT% Trap Attack vs Base


  • 1B% Ultimate Infantry Defense, 1B% Ultimate Tactical Defense, 1B% Ultimate Armored Vehicle Defense
  • 3B% Troop Defense w/ Commander, 3B% Army Defense w/ Commander
  • 100K% Embassy Defense


  • 100B% Ultimate Infantry Health, 100B% Ultimate Tactical Health, 100B% Ultimate Armored Vehicle Health
  • 5KT% Outpost Health, 5KT% Rally Troop Health, 5KT% Control Point Troop Health, 2.5KT% Mobile Trap Health

Capacity Increases:

  • Rally Trap Deployment Size: +1.2B (Trap Rally Capacity IV & V)
  • Trap Deployment Size: +400M (Trap Deployment Size VI & VII)
  • Trap Capacity: +500M
  • Rally Troop Deployment Size: +1.6B (All Rally Size Capacity Increase VII & VIII)
  • Troop Deployment Size: +200M (Attack Deployment Capacity Increase VII & VIII)

Training Boosts:

  • 30% Infinity Troop Training Cost Reduction, 30% Infinity Trap Training Cost Reduction
  • 1K% Training Speed
  • +50T Training & Promotion Queue Size

*Bonus* There is a mistake in the game where the information tab for the “Infinity Troop Resource Training Cost” research node was never updated, so it still shows ???.


Divine Jungle Training Gear

Divine Jungle Training Gear gives greater boosts than the basic Jungle Training Gear. The benefits shown below are for a fully Enhanced and Set Gear leveled set.

  • 50% Upkeep Reduction
  • 3,500% Troop Training Speed, 7,000% Trap Training Speed
  • +25T Troop Training and Promotion Queue Size
  • 39% T4 to T5 Promotion Cost Reduction, 30% T5 to T6 Promotion Cost Reduction, 30% T6 to T7 Promotion Cost Reduction

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