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Introducing Daily Milestone Challenges

Daily Milestone Challenges

The game developers recently introduced two new Daily Milestone Challenge events- one for you, and one for your alliance.
We would highly recommend completing them because they do not take much time or cost a lot to complete, and they offer awesome rewards.

An example of a daily milestone challenge


Individual Daily Milestone Challenge

The prizes available for individuals

So far, developers have only shown three variations of the challenge:
1-  Shooting gallery (Hit targets on basic, full auto or ultimate mode- recommended switching to basic to use the least ammo, and it will take 10 shots)
2- Missions (Completing daily, alliance or VIP missions give points- does take quite a while so rerolls may be necessary)
3-Global gifts (Opening the blue crate and grey crate gives points-very fast)


Once you gain the minimum points, a food gift tile spawns on the map, which you must now collect for more points


In the game chat, the system automatically tells you the coordinates to your gift tile, which you can teleport to and start collecting from
What the tile looks like- remember since you are gathering resources you could be attacked by other players, so it is recommended to send t1 troops
Finally, when you have collected all the resources from the tile, you gain 50m points, and complete the daily milestone challenge
Examples of some of the boosts you can win from tier 2 crate prizes
Examples of some of the boosts you can win from tier 2 crate prizes

Alliance Daily Milestone Challenge

Once you complete your individual daily milestone challenge, your daily milestone badge contributes one point to the alliance challenge.


Right now, 25 members of your alliance need to gain badges for your alliance to hit tier 3, and gain the respective prizes.
An example of the tier 3 alliance gifts prize from daily milestones… the gifts will appear in your alliance gifts to collect













Final thoughts

As always, it is appreciated when the game developers introduce a new method of gaining prizes for all players, for free.
Make sure you make use of this opportunity, and utilise it to the fullest.


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