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Legendary Daily Milestone Challenges and Items

Legendary Daily Milestone Challenges


Legendary Milestones are an updated version of the Daily Milestone Challenges. These new trials offer Daily Milestone Items, in addition to the Tier 3 reward of a Daily Milestone Badge.


Like all types of Challenges, Legendary Daily Milestones offer points for completing specific tasks. However, with Legendary Milestones each task has a maximum point limit, shown in red. Once the limit is reached, the task will receive a green checkmark and points will no longer be awarded for it. As a result, completing multiple types of tasks will be necessary to get the points needed for prizes. As with before, The Daily Milestone Badge from Tier 3 applies to the Alliance Milestone Challenge, which offers the chance to obtain a Daily Milestone Mystery Gift for the entire alliance.

Daily Milestone Items & Research


Legendary Daily Milestone Challenges reward Daily Milestone Items. From left to right, these are: Statues, Barrels, Bonds, Wooden Crates, and Glass. They are used to complete Daily Milestone Rewards Research that grants massive boosts of all kinds. While they are considered items, these are shown as resources in the base view.


The Daily Milestone Rewards tree is unique in the fact that the research nodes are not connected to each other. Each can be completed independently based on the player’s needs, provided that the requirements are met. Listed below are the total boosts that Daily Milestone Rewards Research unlocks.

  • Combat Shielding: 100,000,000% Base Shielding, 50,000,000% CP Rally/Holding Shielding
  • Attack: 100,000,000% Rally & CP Troop Attack, 100,000,000% Army Attack, 100,000,000% Type Attack, 60,000,000% Troop Attack,
  • Defense: 15,000% Troop Defense, 15,000% Type Defense, 15,000% Army Defense
  • Health: 350,000,000% CP Rally/Holding Troop Health, 25,000,000% CP Rally/Holding Trap Health
  • Armor Piercing: 20,000% Troop AP, 20,000% Type AP, 20,000% Army AP
  • Daily Milestone Boost Multiplier: This node increases all Daily Milestone Boosts by up to 100%, or double what they were to begin with.

Data on Daily Milestone Rewards Research, such as cost and benefit for each level, is located on the Research page.

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